GSK is now offering BOWLING and kickball is coming to SUNDAYS!


All your favorite questions... no extra calories

Is there an age limit to play? Currently, we only accept players that are 21 and OVER and players MUST ACCEPT our Amateur Athletic Waiver.


How competitive is GSK? We are a semi-competitive league that welcomes all skill levels.  Most of us haven’t played since grade school, so let’s learn how to play together!


How long is the season?  Each team plays at least 8 games per season (3 seasons are available each calendar year) and a single elimination tournament.  All teams make the tournament and seeding is based on team performance during the season.


Can I sign up as a Free Agent or Small Friend Group? Yes! Teams are always interested in Free Agents/Small Friend groups.  Sign up together and let us know who is playing together in the appropriate area of your applications.  We will do our best to make sure you all play on the same team. We do reserve the right to place members on different teams to maintain league balance. Once you (and your friend group) are placed on a team (usually within a few days before the season starts) you will be notified immediately.


Are there full team discounts? Yes! Please inquire within at . Do note that one person will need to pay the entire team fee.  We will need to verify that each player is OVER the age of 21 and they MUST ACCEPT our Amateur Athletic Waiver.


What does my player fee cover? Your player fee covers your 8-9 week season (+tournament), your uniform, field registration and all GSK parties.


How many players on a team? We require a minimum of 15 players on a roster to a maximum of 25.  We recommend a roster of 18-22 because all players will not be able to play each week. We also reserve the right to add Free Agents to your team if necessary.


How many players are allowed in the kicking order? Everyone on the team must be in the kicking order even if they do not play defense.


How many defensive players are allowed on the field? 10 players 5 men and 5 women.  Your defensive lineup can change from one inning to the next. Feel free to have your players try different positions on the field.


How long is each game? 6 innings or 75 minutes, whichever comes first.


What about spectators? Spectators are encouraged. We want you to bring your friends, kids, neighbors, cable guy… you get the idea.  Please make sure there is a parent or guardian watching any fans that are 18 years of age or younger. Also, we will hold your guests to the same standards that we hold all of our participants. Behavior that violates our conduct policy can result in penalties for your team, including suspension so please don’t bring Uncle Ralph if he gets too rowdy after a couple of brews.


What happens after the games? Players can go to the league sponsored bar to mingle with teammates, players from the league, play bar games and enjoy bar discount specials.


I am unable to make a game, what should I do? Inform your team captain when you will be unavailable.  We know that work, school, family and other obligations come up…. Even though skipping kickball is usually frowned upon.


Do you have an actual rulebook?  Yes.  The link is here.


Do you have a mailing list for future correspondence? Yes, the link is here.  Please make sure that or is in your list of safe senders as it may go to the spam folder of your inbox.  If you do not see anything from us, check your promo folder.