Due to the coronavirus, Spring 2020 has been paused until at least May 31, 2020. We will keep you posted

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Get The Long Ball Going

Wanna kick away??

Hey, big kicker. Do you long to flex your quad game? Do you love letting the red rubber fly? Do you think bunting is for the timid? Well have we got something for you.


Introducing.... 7-ON-7 NO BUNT KICKBALL!!


That's right... all of the kicking, none of the bunting.


How will this lovely game be played?  We're glad you asked. Here are the rules:


Players - 7 players on defense - No gender requirement, maximum team roster of 12 players and all players must be in kicking lineup.


Defense requirement - 1 pitcher, 1st Base, 1 3rd base, 1 Catcher, 3 outfielders. Defense assignments can change from inning to inning.

10 pitch max limit, no strikes, 4 balls for a walk, three fouls for a foul out. If the ball and is not kicked into play within 10 pitches, the kicker is automatically out.

Game length - 4 innings with an available 5th inning for extra or 45 minutes - 8 run limit per inning. Open final inning rules apply.

Referees - 1 home ref, 1 ref behind second base 


We are considering launching (get it?) this new league in the summer. Let us know if you would be interested in playing.