Golden Ballers/Rule of the Week


Golden Ballers/Rule of the Week

June 23, 2015
Richard Fong, III
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On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight the man and woman who’s balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.  


Talicia is ready for GSK!


Name: Talicia

Team: Classy

Position on the Field: Outfield

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Art

Bar Drink of Choice: Flip Cup

How long have you been playing kickball? 3 years

Why did you join kickball? To drink and kick balls

Favorite part of kickball? Talking to people



Thumbs up for GSK!


Name: George

Team: Welcome to Death Row

Position on the Field: No idea

Favorite Elementary primary School Subject: PE

Bar Drink of Choice: Cheeky Beer

How long have you been playing kickball? First Time

Why did you join kickball? Girlfriend had the idea (not much choice)

Favorite part of kickball? The people are legit



Golden Rule of the Week

Rules are rules and every sport has ’em.  This week we look at the encroachment rule before a ball is pitched.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

3.6.1 Before the ball is kicked no Defender, including the Pitcher, may enter fair territory in front of the imaginary line made from 1st to 3rd

About The Author

I am sober enough to take photos of your drunk moments on and off the field

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  1. Richard Fong, III June 23, 2015at 12:35 pm Reply

    Great to meet you, Talicia & George!

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