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On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight whose balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.


Name: Merritt

Team: Krusty Krab Pizza

Position on the Field: Wherever the ball isn’t

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Arts & Crafts

Bar Drink of Choice: Beer

How long have you been playing kickball? One whole week

Why did you join kickball? I just moved from Colorado and don’t know enough people to be able to say no to any invitation yet

Favorite part of kickball? The drinking


Invite her out! She’s new!


He like’s getting hit by red balls apparently…IN THE FACE!

Name: Jason

Team: Wasted Wookies

Position on the Field: Neutral

Favorite elementary School Subject: P.E.

Bar Drink of Choice: Jameson on ice

How long have you been playing kickball? 2 seasons

Why did you join kickball? Undercover for Rolling Stone Magazine to undercover truth about rec-league kickball

Favorite part of kickball? Drinking & competitiveness = sore balls


Rules are rules and every sport has ‘em.  This week we look at length of games.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

3.1 Game Length

3.1.1 Games shall last 6 innings or 75 minutes, whichever comes first.

3.1.2 No new innings shall be started within the final 10 minutes of game time.

3.1.3 Games shall always finish with a complete inning.


On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight whose balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.

Name: Chris

Team: I’d Hit That

Position on the Field: All the Important Ones

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Math

Bar Drink of Choice: The half empty beers people leave after flip cup

How long have you been playing kickball? I’ve been blacked out since I started so…

Why did you join kickball? To meet cool people, but unfortunately this sport is just full of A-holes

Favorite part of kickball? Drinking.  No, winning. No, drinking.  One of those two.

T. Swift and a mini keg go hand and hand

T. Swift and a mini keg go hand and hand

Awesome socks!

Awesome socks!


Name: Susanna

Team: Gingerballs

Position on the Field: First and Outfield

Favorite elementary School Subject: Recess

Bar Drink of Choice: Any beer or vodka soda

How long have you been playing kickball? 4 years

Why did you join kickball? Fun, meet new people.  Never played before wanted to do something new =).  Do not have kickball in Switzerland.

Favorite part of kickball? People and drinking


Rules are rules and every sport has ‘em.  This week we look at pitching and it’s delivery.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

3.3 Pitching

3.3.1 Pitching Delivery The pitcher must plant his foot behind the pitching mound within one foot to either side of the mound when delivering his / her pitch The kicker must keep one foot within the kicking box prior to and during the pitch delivery.


Mosswood Park in Oakland was once again hopping Thursday night as Week 2 of the Fall season got underway.  In Week 1, we learned that no lead is safe and even the Summer Champions are not immune to the loss bug.  Let’s get to the recaps to see what your favorite team did this week.

Krusty Krab Pizza scuttles Away with 4-1 victory Over Welcome to Death Row

A lopsided affair on paper, defending champs Welcome to Death Row got all they could handle from an upstart Krusty Krab Pizza squad. Pitching and easy defensive plays dominated the first two innings in this one with neither team putting much pressure on the other. The pitching seemed to keep the big boots away and many of the bunts in the early frames were easily fielded by the pitchers on both sides. Death Row had a great opportunity to open the scoring in the top of the third with runners on the corners and only 1 out. That threat was dashed by those pesky krabs who turned a double play on a hard line drive back to the pitcher as the runner at third sprinted home on contact failing to tag up on the play. That inning would prove costly for the champs as those pizza loving arthropods opened the scoring plating 2 runs on shaky defense and dropped pop-ups. Death Row would get one back in the fourth however on excellent kicking and baserunning to cut the lead to 2-1. Unfortunately, that would be the only run the inmates would get in this one and were once again plagued by defensive mishaps allowing the krabs to score two additional insurance runs for a 4-1 final. In Week 3, Krusty Krab Pizza looks to stay undefeated against Wasted Wookies while Welcome to Death Row search for their first win of the season against I’d Hit That.

I’d Hit That hold on for Tight 5-4 win against Green Grenades

In a rematch of sorts from the 2015 Spring championship game, I’d Hit That (formerly Ja Rule’s Angel) got revenge against the Green Grenades holding on for a 5-4 victory. Green Grenades got off to a fast start in this one as their first two kickers reached, putting immediate pressure on the defense. I’d Hit That would bear down, however, inducing 2 fly ball outs and groundout to end the inning and the threat. In the bottom of the inning, I’d Hit That would open the scoring with a lead off double that eventually came around to score on heads up baserunning and sacrifices. I’d Hit That, knowing that they needed to add to that slim 1-0 lead, plated two more as a leadoff walk would come into score plus another in the bottom of the second stretching the lead to 3-0. Green Grenades simply could not find that big kick in the early innings as they had multiple opportunities with runners in scoring position but could not bring anyone home. In the top of the third, with runners on second and third and only one out, I’d Hit That once again shut the Grenades out inducing pop outs that stranded the runners. I’d Hit That, looking for more, pushed the lead to 5-0 in the fourth on a sac fly and an overthrow. I’d Hit That nearly squandered a lead for the second week in a row as Green Grenades would rally for 4 runs in the sixth to make it a 1 run game. This time, however, they were able to shut the door as Green Grenades fell just short of an epic comeback, losing 5-4, and once again missing out on that one key kick that could have taken them over the top. In Week 3, I’d Hit That looks to continue their winning streak against Welcome to Death Row, while Green Grenades look to get back on track as they square off against Almost Classy.

Ginger Balls come up big with small ball, Crush Almost Classy 10-1

Almost Classy, looking to overturn last week’s loss, found themselves with a large deficit early as Ginger Balls were able to plate 5 runs in the top of the first, ending the inning automatically. AC fought back responding with a runner on base . With some aggressive baserunning, they were able to score on a force out at first base. The pitcher nailed the kicker with the ball, but the ball continued into foul territory allowing the runner to continue. GB quickly tightened up their defence, and didn’t allow a run the rest of the game. Using small-ball technique, they were able to add 3 more in the 4th inning and 2 more in the 6th to extend their lead. In the bottom of the sixth, Almost Classy couldn’t get a rally started, falling to Ginger Balls 10-1. Next week, Almost Classy faces another tough opponent in Green Grenades while Ginger Balls look to continue their perfect start against Throwback Thursdaze.

Whistle Kicks and Throwback Thursdaze Fight to a 2-2 tie

Two evenly matched teams turned in superb defensive performances as Whistle Kicks and Throwback Thursdaze finished 2-2, completing the first tie of the season. Both teams brought their defensive game as neither team was able to score against the other for the first two innings of play. Whistle Kicks opened the scoring in the third on a single to the outfield to take a 1-0 lead. They would add to their lead with another single in the sixth to push that lead to 2-0. The suffocating defense and pitching of Whistle Kicks seemed to be the star of the game as they did not allow Throwback Thursdaze many opportunities to put runs on the board, and entering the sixth, were looking for their second straight shutout victory. Throwback Thursdaze however, would not go quietly and put immediate pressure on the Kicks in the bottom of the sixth. One run scored to end Whistle Kicks’ shutout streak and, hungry for a walk off win, Thursdaze loaded the bases with 2 outs. Kicks’ pitching, which had been great all game, crumbled in the final moments as Thursdaze coaxed a 2 out, bases loaded walk that tied the game. Fortunately for Whistle Kicks, the game would end with the very next kicker to preserve a 2-2 tie and end Throwback Thursdaze hopes of a walk off win. In Week 3, Whistle Kicks looks to stay unbeaten against Baby Bouncies while Throwback Thursdaze will go up against Ginger Balls.  

Wasted Wookies win one-sided game 7-1 over Baby Bouncies

Wasted Wookies came out kicking and pitching to win their first game of the fall season with a nice victory over the rookies of Baby Bouncies. Wasted Wookies wasted no time getting things going offensively and scored the opening run of the game playing small ball and taking extra bases on the base paths putting pressure on the defense of Baby Bouncies. Bouncies would fight back in the bottom of the first with a run of their own to even the score at a run a piece after the first frame. Wasted Wookies continued their scoring putting across another run in the second and two more in the third and fourth respectively to pull away from the rooks. Wookies took advantage of the defense by playing small and using bunts to set up their offense. Baby Bouncies was stifled offensively and scored no more after tying the score in the first. The wookies kept piling on scoring a final run in the sixth to win the game 7-1. In Week 3, Wasted Wookies looks to continue on this mini 1 game winning streak as they go up against Krusty Krab Pizza while Baby Bouncies tries to get their first win of the season taking on Whistle Kicks.

Bar Report
Another Thursday night, another wild outing at McNally’s. The fruit smoothie shots were back and flip cup was in full swing. Our resident DJ Marc Stretch took over the juke box to keep music jamming in the front, while Green Grenades provided jams for the back room. In the back, there was a rainbow of shirts and cups flying in the air. Teams inter-mingled and played round after round of flip cup. Some teams faced off against their on-field opponents for bragging rights, other teams played against themselves, and other teams interspersed themselves to play with new and old friends. No King of the Hill was played. Show up next Thursday to find out who will become the new King of the Hill champion…


On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight the man and woman who’s balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.  This week was too good not to include a photo of the Spring Champions duo of Paige and Andrew.  Well just check out the photo and you will definitely agree with us on this one.  High school team photos anyone?

Name: Paige


Position on the Field: 1ST!

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Math (yes, I’m a nerd)

Bar Drink of Choice: vodka water like a treal basic betch

How long have you been playing kickball? 2 seasons (..2 championships, nbd)

Why did you join kickball? to justify weekday drinking to my boss on Friday mornings

Favorite part of kickball? Doin’ hoodrat ish with my friends


If you played High School Sports, you definitely know this pose…

Name: Andrew

Team: Green Grenades

Position on the Field: Pitcher

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Recess

Bar Drink of Choice: Jack and Coke

How long have you been playing kickball? 2+ seasons

Why did you join kickball? Got recruited and it sounded like fun

Favorite part of kickball? Pretty much everything


Rules are rules and every sport has ’em.  This week we look at the encroachment rule before a ball is pitched.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

3.6.1 Before the ball is kicked no Defender, including the Pitcher, may enter fair territory in front of the imaginary line made from 1st to 3rd


On Saturday, August 22nd, Golden State Kickball presented a Pick Up game to kick off the start of the Fall 2015 season which starts Thursday August 27th.  Sign ups are still open here!

During the evening, Golden State Kickball held the end of season, opening of Fall 2015 with a Scavenger Hunt through Oakland bars on Telegraph Avenue.  Prizes awarded was a free season, movie gift card and a bar tab.

Photos are posted here!

Find us on Social Media! Use hashtag #gskball and your photos may be used in an upcoming article/album!





It was abnormally hot in Oakland Saturday as the Summer 2015 Oakland Division Tournament was played at Mosswood Park.  In the past 9 weeks, 10 teams were vying for the Swenson Cup.  There were definitely some surprises in this action packed day where teams brought out the BBQ’s, cornhole, frisbee, and other items to keep entertained.  With the hot weather also brought, the kickball flying all throughout Mosswood.

First Round

Last place AfterDarc Forfeits against seventh seeded Throwback Thursdaze

The first play in game of the day was over before it started as newcomers AfterDarc failed to field a team and lost their chance at an upset before the day began. Throwback Thursdaze automatically moved on to play second seeded Captain Morgan’s Revenge in the quarterfinals, while AfterDarc finishes their season at 0-10.

#8 Almost Classy wins in walk off fashion over ninth seeded Rolling Clones

Almost Cla$$y and Rolling Clones locked up in an entertaining roller coaster of a game in which the kicking team failed to score only 3 times for the entire game. Rolling Clones was playing two players down, and it cost them in the first as Cla$$y got rolling with a 3 run home run past the undermanned outfield for an early lead. However, the Clone Army wouldn’t fold, chipping away at the lead and eventually tying the score at 4-4 entering the 4th inning. AC pulled ahead again with a perfect bases loaded, 2-out suicide squeeze, but RC struck back in the 5th to take a surprising lead at 6-5. The veterans of Cla$$y weren’t done though, staging a tying rally in the bottom of the 5th, then dramatically sealing the game in walk-off fashion in the bottom of the 6th. Almost Classy moves onto the QuarterFinals to face top seeded Highland Hitman, while The Rolling Clones finishes their season at 1-9.


Eigth seeded Almost Classy lucks their way into Semifinals as #1 Highland Hitman Forfeit

Another forfeit, this time by the undefeated Highland Hitmen, sent the unlikely number 8 seed directly into the semifinals. Winning only 2 games during regular season Almost Classy, after a thrilling win in their first round play in game, found themselves in the semifinals where they would meet the winner of the quarterfinal between Whistle Kicks and East Bay Ballers.  Highland Hitman finishes their season at 8-1-1.

Fourth Seed East Bay Ballers shuts out #5 Whistle Kicks 4-0

This quarterfinal felt a lot like the first matchup between these two clubs during the regular season with pitching and defense shining for both sides early, and a big blast by East Bay Ballers making the difference. Whistle Kicks, coming off of an unexpected 5 win season, looked prime to play spoilers as they kept East Bay Ballers quiet through 3 innings allowing only 1 baserunner past first base with solid defense and great pitching. Matching that feat, the defense and pitching of East Bay Ballers was equally exceptional allowing only a few baserunners and recording multiple strikeouts. The score was tied at 0-0 entering the bottom of fourth when East Bay Ballers finally broke the scoring open. With 2 outs and a runner on second, Ballers blasted a 2 run home run off the right field tree. That homer proved to be all the Ballers needed as a demoralized Whistle Kicks could not match those runs as they failed inning after inning to get runners into scoring position. Ballers would add a pair of insurance runs in the fifth and let their pitching and defense finish the shutout for a 4-0 and the right to move on to face #8 Almost Classy in the semifinals.  Whistle Kicks finishes their season at 5-5.

Second seed Captain Morgan’s Revenge Upset by Throwback Thursdaze 5-4

Throwback Thursdays looked to overturn the results of their Week 1 loss to Captain Morgan’s Revenge. Both teams sputtered early with neither team able to score in the first inning. That wouldn’t last long however. In the top of the second TT coupled some well-placed bunts with some timely booming outfield blasts. When the dust had settled, Throwback Thursdaze had posted a 4-spot and taken a commanding lead. CMR were able to steal back 2 runs in the fourth, but only after TT had scored again at the top of the frame. Taking their 5-2 lead into the final inning, TT looked to close out the game and get their CMR revenge. The Pirates were able to get the runners on base, and thanks to a bunt down the first-base line and some base-running shenanigans, both runners were able to score. Down to their final out, CMR needed a base-runner to have a chance at victory. The next pitch was popped up to the first-base side of the infield. The ball was caught and the upset complete. While Throwback Thursdaze advances to the Semifinals, Captain Morgan’s Revenge completes their season at 7-3.

#3 Welcome to Death Row easily reaches semifinals with a 5-0 win over #6 Purple Rain

The inmates of Death Row began their run to the GSK Oakland Division title with a dominant and convincing shutout of the sixth seeded and well overmatched Purple Rain. From the opening frame, Welcome to Death Row looked the part of a champion. Purple Rain had a difficult time getting anything going offensively throughout this contest against the excellent pitching and smart defense of Death Row. The top of the first provided a brief moment of hope for the Prince fan club, but after the first kicker reached base, Death Row shut the door collecting the next three outs. As good as they were defensively, they looked equally as good on offense in the first inning. The top of their lineup got things rolling quickly, wiith three excellent bunts which loaded the bases for their power kickers. With sharp line drives to the outfield and a sacrifice fly, Death Row jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead. They added to their lead in the bottom of the second plating two more. The scoring ended as Purple Rain clamped down defensively, aided by the fact that the boys and girls in black slowed down their ground attack and began kicking away sensing that a 5 run lead would be all they would need. The game ended unceremoniously on a foul out and Welcome to Death Row completed the 5-0 shutout and moving on to play #7 Throwback Thursdaze, while Purple Rain completes their season at 4-5-1.


East Bay Ballers Walk-Off Almost Classy, Move into Finals

The 4 vs 8 matchup between East Bay Ballers and Almost Classy was a classic low scoring kickball tournament affair. Classy threatened early in the top of the first, but East Bay Ballers got out of the two on, one out jam with some stellar defense. That defense propelled the Ballers to a pair of runs in the bottom half using small ball and sacrifice flies. After that, Almost Classy’s defense stepped it up and allowed zeros for the next 4 innings, while their offense chipped away and picked up a run on a single and a two out double in the third and then picked up the tying run in the fifth with an outfield single. In the bottom of the 6th, Ballers had a chance to walk off.  With one out, two runners reached via singles.  After a force out at third base, Classy was determined to send the game to extras, but Ballers had other plans.  The kicker, lined a shot down the right field line that stayed just fair and Ballers walked their way into the Finals.  Almost Classy finishes their season with a 5-7 record.

Welcome to Death Row ends Throwback Thursdaze Cinderella run

After coming off a huge upset to Captain Morgan’s Revenge, Throwback Thursday was looking to use their momentum to send Welcome To Death Row to the chair.  Early in the game, it looked like that was going to happen with six straight outs without a hit in the 1st and 2nd inning.  With some small ball and timely hitting, Throwback took the lead 1-0 in the top of the 3rd.  Death Row would come back with some small ball of their own to tie the game at 1-1.  Thursdaze title chances would slowly fade in the 4th allowing an additional run to score for Death Row due to an errant throw by the pitcher. Death Row would shut the door in the 5th with some controversial base running and adding an insurance run with the final score Welcome To Death Row: 3, Throwback Thursday: 1  With the win Welcome to Death Row advances into the Oakland Division Championship game, while Throwback Thursdaze completes their season at 5-7.


Welcome to Death Row Claim Swenson Cup in Thriller against East Bay Ballers

In the top of the first, East Bay Ballers quickly jumped on the board with a run via small ball and a sacrifice fly. The next three offensive innings for Welcome to Death Row proved to be very frustrating ones as each inning ended in a double play. Not to be deterred however, Death Row’s offense kept the pressure on and East Bay Ballers finally cracked. With runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs, a kick to shallow right-center managed to drop between two defenders. The base-runners needed to wait to make sure the ball wasn’t caught and broke late to the bases. A quick throw to second base narrowly got the runner for the first out, but the lead runner continued to advance. The throw home was behind the runner and allowed the kicker to advance to second base with an RKI. With the game now tied 1-1, EBB looked to retake the lead, but couldn’t get a runner into scoring position. In the bottom of the fifth inning, WDR looked to take control of the game. With a runner on second base, an infield single coupled with some aggressive baserunning allowed the go-ahead run to score. East Bay Ballers had one last chance in the top of the sixth, but the inmates of GSK played solid defense and walked back to Death Row with the Summer 2015 – Oakland Division Title.  Welcome to Death Row finishes their season at 9-2-1, while East Bay Ballers finishes their runner-up season at 8-4.

With the conclusion of the Summer 2015 – Oakland Division Season, Fall begins in two weeks on August 27th.  Sign ups are currently open at .  Golden State Kickball is also holding a free pick-up game open to everyone 21 and over at Mosswood Park on Saturday, August 22 at Noon.

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It was a humid night at Mosswood Park in Oakland Thursday night as kickball teams were jockeying for seeding position in the penultimate regular season game.  With some slight sprinkles and some lightning in the background, lets get to the recaps from this evening where the thunder was the red ball flying all over the yard.

Purple Rain Reigns over Throwback Thursdaze 8-5

Purple Rain started the game like they had a plane to catch, roaring out to a quick 7-0 lead after two innings, highlighted by a five run 2nd inning. PR’s defense was airtight too, shutting down all of Thursdaze’s attempts to get something going.  Thursdaze finally got their shoes tied and some alcohol in their systems, stopped the bleeding, and started to dig their way back. Thursdaze’s defense began throwing up zeroes, and their offense came alive with a clutch four run 4th. The lead was eventually cut to 7-5 and Prince was getting nervous, but Purple Rain was able to scratch out an insurance run in the top of the 6th, and their defense righted itself in time to close out a well-played 8-5 win.

Captain Morgan’s Revenge Plunders East Bay Ballers, 9-2

In recent weeks, East Bay Ballers had been on quite a winning streak as they quickly shot their way up the Golden State Kickball standings. Captain Morgan, however, was not going to let them creep up any farther as they trounced the East Bay Ballers for a 9-2 win, proving again why they are one of the top contenders for the title in this years league.  The game opened with both teams scoring 2 runs in the first inning.  Both teams executed their offense to perfection using bunts, kicks, and heads up baserunning.  Tied at 2 after 1, this game had all the makings of a kickball classic.  In the top of the second, Captain Morgan’s would score to take the lead and put 2 more on the board in the third to push the lead to 5-2.  Ballers would make threats in each of those innings but couldn’t get that clutch kick to pull themselves back into the game.  Those scrappy pirates, even without flying their Jolly Roger, would continue their offensive output in the fourth with an additional run to stretch the lead to 6-2.  The Ballers hopes and dreams continuing to be dashed as rally after rally was seemingly squashed out by excellent pitching and defense by Captain Morgan’s.  The Ballers would be sent to their watery grave in the 6th as Captain Morgan’s added 3 more insurance runs for a final score of 9-2.  In the final week of the regular season Captain Morgan’s looks to make a final push for second place as they face off against Almost Classy while East Bay Ballers look to finish up strong against The Rolling Clones.

Highland Hitmen Assassinate Whistle Kicks 8-2

Highland Hitmen remain undefeated heading into the last week of the season by easily taking care of Whistle Kicks, 8-2.  Aided by poor defense and speed on the base paths, Hitmen jumped all over Whistle Kicks as they bunted, kicked, and ran their way to a 4-0 lead in the the top of the first. Those 4 runs would prove to be all the Hitmen would need as Whistle Kicks couldn’t find a rhythm and had very few kicks when it counted.  The Hitmen would add to their lead in the second and third and had an insurmountable 8-1 lead after 3 innings.  Deflated but not beaten, Whistle Kicks continued to put pressure on the Hitmen with runners all over the bases, but could not find ways to bring them home.  A tighter defense over the second half of the game kept the score at 8-1 until the bottom of the sixth when Whistle Kicks finally broke through with a meaningless run, losing to the Hitmen 8-2.  The Highland Hitmen look to keep their undefeated season alive as they square off against Welcome to Death Row while Whistle Kicks looks to get back on track against Throwback Thursdaze to avoid a potential play-in game in the tournament.

Welcome to Death Row shuts down Rolling Clones 4-0

With Welcome to Death Row needing a bounce back win to remain in contention for the second seed in the tournament, their pitching and defense stepped up and shut out the Rolling Clones 4-0. Rolling Clones had a hard time getting much going offensively in the beginning of this one while Death Row had no trouble, opening their scoring with a leadoff home run in the bottom of the first. More well placed kicks followed and Death Row quickly led 2-0 after an inning.  In the third, the Rolling Clones would show some life as they loaded the bases with only one out putting a ton of pressure on the inmates of Death Row.  Unfortunately, two quick flyouts would follow and the Clones would be turned away from the plate yet again.  Death Row pushed their lead to 4-0 in the bottom of the inning scoring 2 more runs on singles to the outfield. Rolling Clones defense, however, really stepped up and shut down the rest of Death Row’s offense, preventing this game from getting out of hand.  Both Rolling Clones and Death Row would be kept off the bases for much of the rest of this game leading to an uneventful second half with Death Row wrapping things up in the sixth to win the game 4-0.  In the final week of the regular season,  Welcome to Death Row will continue their push for the second seed against Highland Hitmen while Rolling Clones hopes to end their season on a high note against East Bay Ballers.

Almost Classy wins thriller Over AfterDarc 6-5

With both teams looking to overturn tough losses last week, lightning lit up the sky.  On the field, thunderous kicks were audible from both teams.  Almost Classy got things started quickly with 4 runs in the top of the 1st with a bases clearing triple and a base hit to follow.  AfterDarc were able to respond with some aggressive base running to steal back a run. Down 4-1, AD were able to get another run across in the bottom of the second.  The moon shot to center field was able to score the runner on base, but they were unable to get a rally started. After holding Almost Classy scoreless, AD were able to tie the game with a 2-run shot to left-center.  Classy responded with runs in the fourth and fifth to go ahead 6-4. In the final frame, AfterDarc were able to get their lead-off runner on base.  Another outfield blast scored the leadoff man, leaving Darc down by one with no outs and a runner on second.  A base hit and a pop fly lead to one out with runners on 1st and 2nd.  The next kicker hit a flare to shallow right-center.  The charging outfielder was able to make the catch and quickly throw the ball in to first to double off the base-runner, ending the game with a double-play.  Classy win 6-5.  Next week AfterDarc look for their first win against Purple Rain, while Almost Classy take their momentum to Captain Morgan’s Revenge.

Bar Report

McNally’s was bumping like it’s usual self as the honey whiskey came back for another week.  East Bay Ballers may have lost on the field, but they busted out into an impromptu dance off and sing along to some Taylor Swift songs and a Third Eye Blind 1990’s classic, ‘Semi-Charmed Life’.  In the back of the bar, Almost Classy challenged themselves to a game of flip cup and other teams started filtering in for more fun.  Next week is the last week for Summer King of the Hill.  Will you be the one to finish at the top?  Will it even be played?  Stay tuned…

Week 8

On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight whose balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.

Name: Veronica

Team: East Bay Ballers

Position on the Field: Beer & Cheer

Favorite Elementary School Subject: English

Bar Drink of Choice: Bourbon

How long have you been playing kickball? Physically 2 years, factor in alcohol and you can knock a year off that

Why did you join kickball? Because I heard ya’ll are degenerates like me

Favorite part of kickball? Meeting new people.  Come say hi! =)


All smiles for GSK


Hat and Red Cup Game

Name: Heather

Team: Captain Morgan’s Revenge

Position on the Field: 1B/SS/Pitcher

Favorite elementary School Subject: Math

Bar Drink of Choice: Moscow Mule

How long have you been playing kickball? 7 years

Why did you join kickball? Meet people in the area.  Have fun!

Favorite part of kickball? Getting the RKI’s! (and the sweet bunt when it works)


Rules are rules and every sport has ‘em.  This week we look at the catcher position.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

3.4 Catching

3.4.1 The Catcher is the only defender who may start play in foul territory

3.4.2 The Catcher may not at any time touch the kicker or obstruct their kick in anyway

3.4.3 The Catcher must always stay outside the kicking box until the ball is kicked If the Catcher interferes with the kicker in the act of kicking or in proceeding to first base the play is dead and kicker is automatically awarded first base


On a beautiful night at Mosswood Park Thursday night in Oakland, teams are battling down to the wire for playoff positioning.  Would Highland Hitman remain undefeated for another week and would AfterDarc finally get their first win that they have been craving?  Let’s get to the recaps from this exciting week of games and see if there would be a standings shake up.

Hitmen Roll past Captain Morgan’s Revenge, stay Undefeated

An early offensive outburst from the Hitmen proved too much for Captain Morgan’s in this battle between two teams jockeying for position at the top of the standings. The first inning provided a ton of excitement with both teams getting on the board.  The leadoff man for the pirates turned a would be single into a round tripper. That 1-0 lead for Captain Morgan would be their only lead in the game as the Hitmen quickly struck back for 5 in the bottom of the inning on well placed bunts and timely kicks. The first four runners reached and the mercy rule 5 spot put up by the Hitmen was capped off by a 1 out, 2 run double.  Captain Morgan’s crawled back into the game with 2 runs in the top of the second on a bases loaded, 1 out double to pull within two, but those 3 runs would be all the pirates could muster against the stingy defense of the Hitmen. The next few innings saw little offensive excitement but in the bottom of the fifth the Hitmen scored 2 more to pad their lead and bury Captain Morgan’s for good, winning the game 7-3 to remain undefeated. Next week, Highland Hitmen hope to stay undefeated when they play against Whistle Kicks, while Captain Morgan’s Revenge looks to bounce back against the East Bay Ballers.

Throwback Thursdaze Busts out the Offense, beats AfterDarc

Two teams in opposite directions do battle in a high scoring game.  Throwback Thursdaze has come off 2 wins in a row while After Darc still has yet to get a win, but has been playing more competitive of late.  Knowing that, Throwback didn’t let up scoring 7 runs in the first 3 innings playing small ball and getting several multi base hits.  AfterDarc would make things interesting in the 5th scoring 2 runs with 1 out and the bases loaded.  Throwback clamped down on defense to hold them to 2 runs.  In the bottom of the 5th, Thursdaze looked to lock up the win with a solo shot and then another insurance run.  Final Score Throwback Thursdaze: 9, AfterDarc: 3.  In Week 8, Throwback Thursdaze looks for a win against Purple Rain, while AfterDarc looks to get their first win of the campaign against Almost Classy.

Whistle Kicks defeat Almost Classy

A blue moon may have been overhead, but the true stars were on the field in the Whistle Kicks and Almost Classy matchup.  Both teams looked to overcome last week’s losses. The scoring started quickly with a line drive down the third-base line plating the first run in the top of the first. After that, both teams tightened up their defense. In the bottom of the third inning, Kicks were able to get on the scoreboard and take the lead with some aggressive base running. Down 2-1, Classy had a runner on first and the kicker launched a ball to deep left field for a home run and the lead. However, Classy’s 3-2 lead wouldn’t last long.  With the sun down and the lights blocked by the trees, Almost Classy’s pitcher had trouble finding the plate.  An unfortunate bases loaded walk tied the game.  Whistle Kicks continued to pour it on, scoring 3 more in the inning to take a 6-3 lead.  Classy was unable to mount a comeback, falling 6-3.  In Week 8, Whistle Kicks looks to keep up the winning momentum when they face Highland Hitman, while Almost Classy looks for a win against AfterDarc.

Ballers Walk Off on Death Row in a Classic

In a clash of arguably two of the top teams in the league, we had one of the best battles this season.  In the first inning, both teams played small ball to get a run apiece.  In the top of the second, Death Row broke out the big guns with a 2 run homer to deep right, then adding another insurance run to make it 4-1.  Bottom of the 4th had the Ballers comeback written all over it.  With 1 out and bases loaded, Ballers smacked a deep double into right field scoring 3 runs to tie the game.  Another base hit gave Ballers the lead 5-4 heading into the 5th, but the inmates were not going to die easily.  Timely bunting got the tying run in scoring position which a line drive to left field score them in.  With the game tied at 5 going into the 6th, everyone could feel a walk off in the air.  Due to some errant fielding, the Ballers scored quickly to win the game and walk it off.  East Bay Ballers: 6, Welcome to Death Row: 5   In Week 8, East Bay Ballers face off against Captain Morgan’s Revenge, while Welcome to Death Row looks to bounce back with a win against The Rolling Clones.

Rolling Clones and Purple Rain play to Draw

Purple Rain struck first with back to back bunts, followed by a well placed single into center field to score the first run.  Rolling Clones had a big 3 run home run to right field that was almost caught by the outfielder in the bottom if the 2nd.  Purple Rain struck back immediately in the 3rd with a bunt and back to back doubles to even the score at 3-3.  Defense then took over the rest of the game.  Both teams threatened to score multiple times but we’re unable to get anything across the plate.  The game went so quick that a 7th inning was played.  Rolling Clones had a Web gem double play to tag the runner out at 2nd after a valiant running attempt.  The game ended in a tie and both teams went to McNally’s to eat blueberry pancakes and drink libations.  In Week 8, The Rolling Clones look to defeat Welcome to Death Row, while Purple Rain looks for a win against Throwback Thursdaze.

Bar Report

As usual, McNally’s was jumping this week with kickballers.  There was no honey whiskey this week, but the team shot was still very good.  Kickballers co-mingled in the back with lots and lots of flip cup and King of the Hill was not existent this week.  Maybe next week?  Stay tuned and see if we crown a champion…


On Sunday, kickballers took a break from kickballing to hang out at Snow Park in Oakland, for a picnic on Sunday Funday.

Tacos, chips and salsa were provided by Golden State Kickball.  Beer was provided from Jason Lee, representative from Pabst Blue Ribbon.

After lunch, kickballers hopped into the bubble to play Bubble Soccer.  While the game turned into more of hitting each other with the bubble balls than scoring goals, everyone had a great time.  For information on your own future event, check out Bay Area Bubble

After bubble soccer was completed, kickballers threw the football around, played some beer pong, corn hole and ultimate frisbee.

All in All a great Sunday Funday.

Photos from the event can be seen HERE!

Interested in joining Fall 2015 of Golden State Kickball?  Season Starts Thursday August 27th!  Sign up as a group or free agent today!  Go to for details.

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