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Week 3 of the Fall season kicked off at Mosswood Park in Oakland on Thursday night and teams were finally begin to gather their footing. On this night, Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsored the first theme of the season; High School Cliques. The Jocks, nerds, goths, dress code violators, and even the teachers came out to play.  Congratulations to Annie from Almo$t Cla$$y and Brian from Pitches Be Trippin’ who won best female and male costume.  For winning, they received a bundle of swag from PBR.

2 Legit 2 Kick defeats Rosé Riveters 4-3

The battle between the Football Jocks (2 Legit 2 Kick) and Rosé Riveters (Punk/Skater kids) on the dirt was a thrilling game with the jocks sneaking out the 4-3 win. In the top of the first, the jocks kicked a pair of singles and then a two run double brought both of the runners in. In the bottom of the first, the punks responded with a two out rally with a single and a double, and then a single tied the game at 2 at the bottom of the first. In the bottom half of the second the punks took the 3-2 lead on a triple and then a single. After a scoreless third, the football jocks kicked three singles to retie the score. Then in the top of the fifth, the jocks took the lead kicking a pair of singles and then a slow roller for a force out. Rosé Riveters had one last chance to tie in the bottom of the sixth. With two outs, a pair of singles put runners on first and second.  A slow roller to third base then loaded the bases, however on the play, the runner from second tried to be aggressive and tie the score. A great throw hit the runner by a step before touching home and 2 Legit 2 Kick held off Rosé Riveters 4-3. In Week 4, 2 Legit 2 Kick plays Dad Bods, while Rosé Riveters looks to take down Pitches Be Trippin’.

Wrecking Balls defeats Dad Bods, 15-2

The Wrecking Balls offense started fast and kept the pedal down, roaring out to a quick 8-0 lead on back to back four run innings in the first and the second innings. Dad Bods struggled on offense all night, with the Balls’ defense and pitching limiting the Daddys’ scoring opportunities. DB’s lone bright spot on offense was a booming two-run home run down the left field line in the bottom of the second inning to briefly cut into the WB lead. The Daddies tried to stem the tide on defense, but a huge five run 4th inning for the Balls put this one out of reach. The Wrecking MVP of the game was 3/3 with 3 home runs and 8 Runs Kicked In, which was more than enough to ensure a comfortable 15-2 win. In Week 4, Wrecking Balls looks to defeat The Green Grenades, while Dad Bods looks to get on the winning track when they play 2 Legit 2 Kick.

Toot It and Boot It defeats Don’t Mosswood Us, 14-0

Toot It and Boot It found their kicking shoes and many kicks they had found grass. Their clean up kicker launched two long home runs eluding Don’t Mosswood Us defense. Don’t Mosswood had plenty of chances to score, but are still having some trouble finding the big kick when they need to get on the board. In Week 4, Toot It and Boot It looks to take down Almo$t Cla$$y, while Don’t Mosswood Us looks to defeat Welcome to Death Row.

Welcome to Death Row pulls away from Almo$t Cla$$y late, wins 9-3.

The battle between veteran teams Welcome to Death Row and Almo$t Cla$$y was as advertised. In the bottom half of the first inning Almo$t Cla$$y jumped out to 1-0 lead using some excellent place kicking. In the top of the second, Death Row responded with a pair using excellent bunting and kicking. In the third, the inmates extended their lead to 4-1 using the same formula. Almo$t Cla$$y cut the lead to 4-3 in the fourth scoring a pair on some excellent place kicking. After a scoreless fifth, the inmates blew the game open in the sixth scoring 5 runs on seven consecutive kickers reaching safely, highlighted by a bases loaded three run clearing double to right field. In Week 4, Welcome to Death Row looks to stay on the winning track when they play Don’t Mosswood Us, while Almo$t Cla$$y looks to bounce back against Toot It and Boot It

Green Grenades drops Pitches be Trippin’, 7-2

The battle between Green Grenades and Pitches be Trippin’ was all about one inning. Green Grenades got off to a roaring start plating the five run rule quickly against Pitches, highlighted by a massive home run to right field. Pitches struggled on offense early, but managed to cut the lead to 6-2 on a some excellent place kicking.  However, later on in the game, the kicker who homered earlier, launched another ball to right deep into the Oakland night to extend Grenades lead to 7-2. Pitches was unable to comeback in their half of the sixth and and Grenades took the 7-2 victory. In Week 4, The Green Grenades looks to defeat Wrecking Balls, while Pitches Be Trippin’ looks to get a win against Rosé Riveters.

Bar Report

After sticking with their own kind on the field Thursday night, the cliques decided to befriend each other and mingle at the bar. In the back room kickballers tried to find the best flip-cuppers out there to build the strongest team. In the front people enjoyed team shots and high school music hits from all different eras. There was no KOTH, as all the jocks left before the heated competition could start.


Week 2 was upon everyone at Mosswood Park in Oakland Thursday night and the red rubber ball was flying all over the field. And unfortunately once again during the late games, Oakland Park and Rec lights went out. An issue was sent on Friday to OPR (please upvote it here), but as usual kickball and the bar always wins out as everyone took the delay in stride.  Let’s get to the recaps of the second week of the Fall season.

Green Grenades and Welcome to Death Row Draw at 5-5

A battle between a pair of veteran teams took place on the dirt The Green Grenades shot out in front early with a five spot in the second inning over Welcome to Death Row. In the second inning a slow roller that found a hole between first and second base opened it up for Green Grenades. Six out of seven consecutive kicks safely for Green Grenades later, they had scored the run limit. Welcome to Death Row responded with a pair in the third on a two out two run single to center field. Death Row clamped down on defense as one of their outfielders robbed a kicker of extra bases with a great running catch in right centerfield. This propelled the inmates to tie the game in the fifth inning on some smart base running and good place kicking. Grenades had their chance to take the lead in the top of the sixth with a runner on first and two out, but Death Row was able to get out of it. Death Row threatened as well in the last half of the sixth, Green Grenades induced a groundout back to the pitcher and both teams settled for the draw and one point in the standings. In Week 3, The Green Grenades look for a win against Pitches Be Trippin’, while Welcome to Death Row looks to defeat Almo$t Cla$$y.

Almo$t Cla$$y shuts down Don’t Moss Wood Us, 15-0

The game in Field 2 was all Almo$t Cla$$y on this night as they defeated Don’t Moss Wood Us, 15-0. Using precision kicking and scoring in all of the innings, Almo$t Cla$$y kicks found way too much grass for Don’t Moss Wood Us liking. Don’t Moss Wood Us had some scoring chances throughout the game, but were unable to capitalize and get on the scoreboard. In Week 3, Almo$t Cla$$y faces off against Welcome to Death Row, while Don’t Moss Wood Us, looks for a win against Toot It and Boot It.

Wrecking Balls demolishes Rosé Riveters, 11-2

THEY CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!!!! HAD SOME ROSÉ AND DRANK IT ALL!!!  The defending champs flexed their muscles in Week 2 with an offensive bonanza, yet we saw Rosé Riveters have some fight in them giving Wrecking Balls a little scare. The Balls got things started with multiple hits with their first three kickers and then a deep kick to center to get three runs in.  Wrecking Balls added another and it was 4-0 after the first. Rosé showed up in the second getting their first two kickers on base and then a line drive down third base got a run in. The Balls picked an insurance run in the bottom of the second making it 5-1 Balls. After a shutout inning, Wrecking Balls exploded with deep shots to right and center with bases loaded on both while Rosé got Five Burgered to end the inning. Rosé made things interesting the top of the sixth getting a kicker on and scoring from an error to first base. Shutdown defense is the Balls specialty though ending the game and picking up the 11-2 victory. In Week 3, Wrecking Balls looks to defeat Dad Bods, while Rosé Riveters looks to bounce back with a win against 2 Legit 2 Kick.

Pitches Be Trippin’ defeats Dad Bods, 7-1

The game between Pitches be Trippin’ and Dad Bods got off to a high powered offensive start. Dad Bods got on the board early with a two out single to drive home a run. Pitches answered right back with a three spot in the bottom half of the first highlighted by a single and a double. In the second and third Pitches tacked on four more runs highlighted by a two run double and a two run home run. Dad Bods had a shot to claw their way back into the game in the fourth, but a double play lineout to the pitcher, who then threw it back to first squashed that threat. The defenses for both teams locked it up the rest of the way and Pitches Be Trippin’ took away a 7-1 victory. In Week 3, Pitches Be Trippin’ takes on Green Grenades, while, Dad Bods look for a win against Wrecking Balls.

2 Legit 2 Kick drops Toot It and Boot It, 4-2

Two teams with names that are way too long squared off in the late outfield game, with 2 Legit 2 Kick taking on Toot It and Boot It. 2L2K started the game quickly, loading the bases with no outs in the bottom of the first. It looked like the TIBI defense would squirm out of the jam, but Legit strung together several two out base hits to jump out to a 4-0 lead. However, that’s all they would get as the Toot’s defense and pitching buckled down and shut out 2L2K  for the rest of the game. Toot It kept getting base runners on but couldn’t get the clutch kick they needed to dent the plate. That finally changed in the top of the 4th with a booming triple that scored two runs. Toot had the momentum… and then the lights went out. Again. Thanks OPR. When the lights came back on, 2L2K’s defense had regrouped, working out of the inning with no further damage, and shutting out TIBI for the final two innings, earning a 4-2 win. In Week 3, 2 Legit 2 Kick faces off against Rosé Riveters, while Toot It and Boot It looks to get on the winning track against Don’t Mosswood Us.

Bar Report
WHERE DEM CUPS AT!!!! McNally’s back room was hopping with team v. team flip cup that made Batman v. Superman look like the Puppy Bowl. After the team competitions were over, an old fashioned King of the Hill took place with Dom (The Mom) T. (2 Legit 2 Kick) taking on Sophie (The Choice) K. (Almo$t Cla$$y) in the finals. Dom knocked the Queen off her throne with some spectacular 1 flips owning the crown for this week. Look for Sophie’s revenge and perhaps other challengers to Dom The Mom next week…


On a cool and calm September evening at Mosswood Park in Oakland, the Fall 2016 Golden State Kickball season got underway.  In a mere 10 weeks, there will be one team left standing after the tournament on November 12th. For now, who are the teams to beat? Green Grenades is back and looking to defend their Fall 2015 title, while Summer League Champions Schoolyard Bullies, now Wrecking Balls is looking for back to back titles. While those two teams might be the team to beat, 8 other teams are looking for the coveted Swenson Cup.

Welcome to Death Row defeats Toot It and Boot It, 4-2

A pair of veteran teams took the field on the dirt and Toot It and Boot It quickly got the scoring going in the top of the first on some aggressive baserunning.  Death Row had a shot to tie the game in the bottom of the first with a runner on second and two out, but Toot It’s pitcher induced a foul out to prevent further damage. In the bottom of the second, Death Row took the lead plating a pair of runs off a double and three singles. Toot It and Boot It responded with a run to tie the game in the top of the third using aggressive baserunning and great place kicking. In the bottom half of the third, Death Row retook the lead plating a pair on some excellent place kicking. Due to time constraints, the fifth was declared the last inning.  Toot It and Boot It had a chance to tie the game with the tying at the plate after a two out single, but could not get the big kick to tie the game. In Week 2, Welcome to Death Row plays Green Grenades, while Toot It and Boot It face 2 Legit 2 Kick.

Rosé Riveters drill Dad Bods in the gut, 5- 1

Two rookie teams square off in Week 1, but watching the game, you wouldn’t know it.  Rosé Riveters started off with the long ball getting a 2 run homer in the bottom of the first.  They wouldn’t stop there with a solo shot by the lead off and then getting another run in with some timely hitting. 4-0 Riveters in the third. Dad Bods digged deep in the fourth loading the bases and picking up a run on with a base hit. Unfortunately, a double play stopped their momentum and ended the inning. The Riveters put another insurance run in the bottom of the 4th with from a couple fielding errors. 5-1 Riveters in the fifth.  Dad Bods could never recover and the game ended.. Final Score: Rosé Riveters:5, Dad Bods: 1  In Week 2, Rosé Riveters faces off against Wrecking Balls, while Dad Bods looks to get a win against Pitches Be Trippin.

Wrecking Balls defeats Almo$t Cla$$y, 10-0

Wrecking Balls started their season in mid-season form against Almost Classy, roaring out to a quick 4-0 lead in the top of the first inning with a grand slam. The Wreckers added another run in the top of the second, keeping the pressure on the Cla$$y defense throughout the game. Classy struggled on offense for most of the night, and couldn’t get the clutch kick when they needed it. The Balls defense was playing as well as their offense, throwing out runners at home in two different innings. WB broke the game open in the fourth inning, keeping their focus through the OPR-induced blackout to plate five more runs.  Their pitching and defense closed the game out, giving them a comfortable 10-0 win to open their season. In Week 2, Wrecking Balls plays Rosé Riveters, while Almo$t Cla$$y looks to get in the win column against Don’t Moss Wood Us.

Green Grenades sweeps 2 Legit 2 Kick legs, 2-1

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!  Two veteran powerhouses squared off in week 1 to establish position as lead dog for the start of the season.  Green Grenades started out with a bang getting their first three kickers on base. Another base hit and an errant throw by the 3rd baseman allowed two runs in the bottom of the first. Spectacular defense by both teams for innings 2 through 4 concluded with multiple 3 up, 3 down innings. 2 Legit 2 Kick needed some help and the OPR gods provided some with a 15 minute black out to help them reconvene. The timeout helped with 2 Legit get back in the game having their leadoff hitter get to third and a base hit getting the run across cutting the Grenades lead to 2-1.  Grenades locked down their defense in the sixth with another 3 up, 3 down shutting down the hopes for 2 Legit. Final score, Green Grenades: 2, 2 Legit 2 Kick: 1. In Week 2, Green Grenades look to defeat Welcome to Death Row, while 2 Legit 2 Kick looks to get a win against Toot It and Boot It.

Pitches Be Trippin’ defeats Don’t Moss Wood Us, 3-0

The game between Pitches Be Trippin’ and Don’t Moss Wood us was a defensive gem with very little scoring opportunities for both teams. Many lined kicks that were normally hits, found outs and “hang with ‘em” high fives from teammates. Pitches be Trippin’ was able to squeeze out a run in the bottom of the second by parlaying three singles. Don’t Moss Wood Us had trouble getting their offense going, not getting a runner past second base until the fourth inning.  Meanwhile, Pitches tacked on two more in the bottom of the fourth with some excellent place kicking. In the sixth, Don’t Moss Wood Us offense woke up with two outs. Two singles later and the tying run was at the plate. The kicker bunted down third base and everyone was safe, however, the runner at third rounded the base a little too far and was tagged out to end the game, giving the win to Pitches Be Trippin’. In Week 2, Pitches Be Trippin looks to defeat Dad Bods, while Don’t Moss Wood Us faces off against Almo$t Cla$$y

Bar Report

Following week 1 of the games, kickballers rushed to the bar to get to know each other off the field. Teams built their rapport by chanting loudly before taking their team shots and mix and matched colors in the back room with some friendly games of flip cup. There was no King of the Hill.

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