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On a beautiful Thursday evening in Oakland, 8 new teams are vying for the Summer 2016 Swenson Cup.  With a new season, optimism is in the air.  In a mere 10 weeks, we will find out who has the mettle to become the champion.  The red rubber ball was flying all over Mosswood Park and offense was aplenty.

2 Legit 2 Kick puts Schoolyard Bullies in detention, Wins 4-3

In the first game of the Summer 2016, a one run battle between a pair of veteran teams in 2 Legit 2 Kick and Schoolyard Bullies. In the top of the first 2 Legit had a pair of singles to lead off the game, however a pair of force outs at third base and a pop up ended that threat. The Bullies then responded in the bottom of the first with a two run double to take a 2-0 lead.  n the second, 2 Legit stopped kicking to third base and tied the game on a single and a force out at second base this time. In the third, 2 Legit took the lead with a 2 out single and a two out double. They tacked on another run in the fourth using the same method as in the third inning, but instead it was with one out. Schoolyard Bullies responded in kind with three singles to cut the deficit to 4-3. After the fourth the defenses for both teams put up goose eggs and 2 Legit 2 Kick held on to the 4-3 victory. In Week 2, 2 Legit 2 Kick looks to defeat Pitch Slap, while Schoolyard Bullies looks to defeat Juan and the Cochinos.

Almost Classy defeats Pitch Slap, 10-3

Veteran team Almost Classy pounced quickly on Pitch Slap scoring 3 runs in the first inning on multiple bunts and singles. Classy struck again in the 2nd scoring 2 runs off a late 2 out rally. Classy would score one run in the 3rd to take a 6-0 lead.  Pitch Slap wouldn’t go quietly and put together a great 3 run rally in the 4th after loading the bases with one out.  Classy struck again in the 5th scoring 4 runs off some dropped balls in the outfield and quick base running.  Pitch slap has mostly new players has some great potential when they figure things out.  Look for them to bounce back next week against another new team. In Week 2, Almost Classy looks to defeat Saved by the Ball, while Pitch Slap looks to take down 2 Legit to Kick

Juan and the Cochinos knock off Welcome to Death Row, 9-6

If you were looking for a back and forth scoring affair between two experienced teams, Juan and the Cochinos and Welcome to Death Row did not disappoint. In the top of the first, Juan’s Cochinos strung together a whole bunch of singles to plate four runs. Welcome to Death Row got their kicking legs under them plating 6 runs in the second and third using place kicking and excellent small ball. The Cochinos then scored single runs in the 3rd, 5th and 6th, while plating two in the fourth to take the lead for good. The key in the two run fourth was an triple to deep left field, which gave the Cochinos the lead. Welcome to Death Row had chances late in the game, but were unable to cash in the opportunities.  In Week 2, Juan and the Cochinos look to make it 2-0 on their season when they play Schoolyard Bullies, while Welcome to Death Row looks for a win against Hey Girl, Let’s Kick It.

Saved By the Ball defeats Hey Girl, Let’s Kick It, 7-1

After a Quarterfinal run in the Spring 2016 Swenson Cup Tournament, Saved by the Ball was back with a vengeance to start the Summer season on the right foot, by defeating Hey Girl, Let’s Kick It, 7-1. Saved by the Ball used their speed and defense to plate multiple runs and keep Hey Girl, Let’s Kick It from scoring much. The speedy outfield of Saved By the Ball made numerous catches of the highlight variety to preserve the victory.  Hey Girl, Let’s Kick It definitely had opportunities to score despite Saved by the Balls outstanding defense, but were unable to cash in. In Week 2, Saved by the Ball looks to stay undefeated when they play Almost Classy, while Hey Girl, Let’s Kick It looks to take down the inmates of Welcome to Death Row.

Bar Report
King of the Hill, music, socializing and a wedding party was at McNally’s on Thursday night after the games. While the night was pretty normal in kickball standards, ballers had a great time playing a little flip cup and dancing and singing in the front of the bar. Summer season brought back King of the Hill, which took a hiatus in the Spring. In the end Steven G. of Schoolyard Bullies took down Trent S. of Juan and the Cochinos for this Week 1 title. Wonder if the wedding party will join kickball. Check back next week to find out…


On Saturday, 11 teams descended upon Mosswood Park for the Spring 2016 Swenson Cup Tournament. With the barbecues grilling and the kickballs flying all over sunny Mosswood Park, who would take home the title?

1st Round Games

(6) Kicker in the Rye Walks over (11) Just Kickin’ It

Unfortunately, Just Kickin’ It was unable to field a full team late and were unable to play giving Kicker in the Rye a default, 5-0 win. Kicker in the Rye moves onto the Quarterfinals to face off against (3) Massage My Liver, while Just Kickin’ It finishes the 2016 Spring season at 0-10-1

(7) Pitches and Bunts Walks over (10) Almost Classy

Just like Just Kickin’ It, Almost Classy was just short of players for their game and Pitches and Bunts was given the default win. Classy was not deterred though and challenged Pitches and Bunts to a short scrimmage. Pitches and Bunts moves onto the Quarterfinals to play against (2) Green Grenades, while Almost Classy finishes their season at 1-9-1.

(8) Saved By the Ball Edges (9) Kick It and Quit It, 2-1

A defensive battle between Kick it and Quit It and Saved by the Ball.  In the top of the first, Kick it and Quit It got three straight hits to take an early 1-0 lead. Saved by the Ball had a two out single in the third, but was unable to cash in. In the bottom of the fourth, Saved by the Ball finally broke through with a pair of runs on four singles. Saved by the Ball had a chance for more, but a pair of outs at home plate, including a great relay kept the score at 2-1. Kick it and Quit It had a chance in the fifth and sixth, but were unable to cash in and Saved by the Ball moved on. Saved By the Ball moves on to the Quarterfinals to face Flipadelphia, while Kick It and Quit it finishes their season at 1-9-1.

Quarter Finals

Top Seed Flipadelphia Defeats (8) Saved By the Ball, 3-2

Saved by the Ball fresh of their win against Kick It and Quit It, quickly jumped out to a 1-0 lead against top seeded Flipadelphia, who opened the game a little bit jittery. After the first inning, Flipadelphia settled into the game and their defense thwarted Saved by the Ball for the next two innings. With one out and a runner on first in the bottom of the third, Flipadelphia took a 2-1 lead on a homer to left field. Flipadelphia would tack on an insurance run in the fourth to extend their lead to 3-1. Saved by the Ball however would not go away and mounted threats in the fifth and sixth inning, however they were unable to tie the game and Flipadelphia hung on by the slimmest of margins to win 3-2. Flipadelphia moves onto the Semifinals to face the winner of (4) Blue Balls and (5) Welcome to Death Row, while Saved by the Ball finishes their season at 4-5-2.

(2) Green Grenades Defeats (7) Pitches and Bunts, 4-0

The game between (2) Green Grenades and (7) Pitches and Bunts was a defensive display on both sides, with numerous catches all over the field. However when all of it was said and done, Green Grenades shutout Pitches and Bunts, 4-0. Grenades were better offensively all game and were able to get their runners in with the chances they had using some excellent small ball tactics. Pitches and Bunts had chances, but was unable to get the big kick they needed to get on the board and move on to the Semifinals. Green Grenades moves onto the Semifinals to face the winner of (3) Massage My Liver and (6) Kicker in the Rye, while Pitches and Bunts finishes their season at 5-7.

(6) Kicker in the Rye Upsets (3) Massage My Liver, 3-0

Two veteran teams battled it out and the first inning was all the difference. Kicker in the Rye quickly busted out with a three run first that would essentially put the game away using death by singles. Kicker’s placement kicking was too good for Massage My Liver’s defense finding grass and more grass. After the first, both defenses kicked in and were solid all game. Massage My Liver was unable to mount many threats and never had a runner past second base. Kicker in the Rye moves onto the Semifinals to face (2) Green Grenades, while Massage My Liver finishes their season at 7-2-2.

(4) Blue Balls Defeats (5) Welcome to Death Row, 6-3

The matchup between Blue Balls and Welcome to Death Row was a thriller of defense and offense. Blue Balls quickly took a 3-0 in the bottom of the first on some excellent place kicking, while Death Row missed key scoring opportunities in base running with a pair tag outs at home in the 1st and third inning. However the second inning saw the inmates plate a pair of runs, however Blue Balls responded back with a run in the bottom half and tacked on two more in the 4th. Death Row picked up one in the fourth and had multiple scoring opportunities in the fifth and sixth but could not get the big kick they needed to tie the game. Blue Balls moves on to face top seeded Flipadelphia in the Semifinals, while Welcome to Death Row finishes their season at 5-5-1.


Flipadelphia Squanders 5-0 Lead, then Walks off Blue Balls in Extras, 6-5

Flipadelphia shot out quickly after five spot in the first inning using plenty of place kicking.  Blue Balls would not give up without a fight however and tried to fight back with numerous chances in the first three innings. Meanwhile, Blue Balls defense was escaping rally after rally from Flipadephia to keep the game within reach. In the top of the fourth, Blue Balls finally broke through.  With the bases loaded and one out, Blue Balls kicked a grand slam and all of a sudden, it was a whole new game. In the top of the sixth and Blue Balls down to their last two outs, a deep solo home run to left center field tied the game at 5. To extras we went and in the bottom of the seventh, Flipadelphia singled to start the inning. After a pop out, the next kicker line a shot to right field and the runner headed to third. The kicker then was daring and tried to go to second on the play and the defense errantly threw the ball away and Flipadelphia walked off with a thrilling 6-5 victory. With the win, Flipadelphia moves into the finals to face the winner of (2) Green Grenades and (6) Kicker in the Rye, while Blue Balls completes their season at 7-2-3.

(2) Green Grenades Squeaks by (6) Kicker in the Rye, 2-1

After knocking off Massage my Liver, Kicker in the Rye was looking to do the same against second seeded Green Grenades in the Semifinals.  In the top of the first, Kicker in the Rye parlayed a pair of singles and a force out to plate the first run of the game. Green Grenades tried to quickly respond with three two out singles, but the third out was made at home, getting Kicker in the Rye out of the inning unscathed. Green Grenades tied the game at one in the third with a pair of two out singles and then a double. In the fourth, Grenades took the lead on three singles.  Meanwhile Grenades defense was stellar and held Kicker in the Rye scoreless the rest of the game and winning 2-1. Green Grenades earns a chance to play Flipadelphia for the Swenson Cup, while Kicker in the Rye finishes their season at 6-6.


Green Grenades defeats Flipadelphia, 2-1 to Win Spring 2016 Swenson Cup

It was only fitting the top two seeds met in the Swenson Cup Finals.  Back in Week 5, Green Grenades shutout Flipadelphia 2-0 in a tightly contested game and the title game would be more of the same. Green Grenades got the scoring started in the second inning with a pair of singles and some aggressive baserunning. They had a chance for more, but Flipadelphia’s defense held strong. Flipadelphia responded with a run quickly in the bottom of the second on a two out single to right field. With more defense between both teams, the game was tight and the pressure mounting. In the fourth Green Grenades broke through with another run on some well placed singles. With Flipadelphia down to their last chance in the sixth, they tried their best to bunt their way on base to get something started, but they could not as Green Grenades held on for the 2-1 and the Spring 2016 Swenson Cup Championship. With the title, Green Grenades has now won three out of the past four Golden State Kickball titles and they finish the season at 11-1-1.  Flipadelphia are the runners up and completes their season at 11-2.

Summer 2016

Registration for Summer Season is now open.  Thursday’s, in the current format begins on June 23rd, with the prices going up on June 9th.  Wednesday’s, in which there is no bunting, own team pitching and stealing bases backwards along with other fun, begins on June 29th.  Prices for Wednesday goes up on June 15th.  All games will be played at Mosswood Park in Oakland.  Sign up on our website at

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