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On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight the man and woman who’s balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.  This week we have a pair of Kicker in the Rye teammates.

Name: Noel

Team: Kicker in the Rye

Position on the Field: 3rd, Hot Corner

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Math

Bar Drink of Choice: Boiler Maker

How long have you been playing kickball? 4th season

Why did you join kickball? Meet people and get my fitness on

Favorite part of kickball? Winning



Name: Molly

Team: Kicker in the Rye

Position on the Field: SS

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Choir

Bar Drink of Choice: G & T

How long have you been playing kickball? 1 year

Why did you join kickball? Just for funsies

Favorite part of kickball? The drinking, duh


Rules are rules and every sport has ’em.  This week we look at the encroachment rule before a ball is pitched.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

3.6.1 Before the ball is kicked no Defender, including the Pitcher, may enter fair territory in front of the imaginary line made from 1st to 3rd


Eleven teams and ten weeks and by the end of the tournament on Saturday, June 4th, only one team will be holding the coveted Swenson Cup.  After a rainy offseason, faces changed teams and there were some new faces, but the ball was still flying around Mosswood Park Thursday on Opening Night.

Welcome to Death Row defeats Kicker in the Rye,

The first game of the season between two veteran teams did not disappoint with 4 lead changes ending with a walkoff victory.  Kicker in the Rye started the first inning of the season with back to back singles, and scored 1 run on a sacrifice fly.  Welcome to Death Row answered back in the bottom of the 1st with a lead off laser single, followed by a sac bunt to score tie the game at one.  Rye squeezed in a run in the top of the 2nd to take a 2-1 lead.  In the bottom of the second, a bloop single helped the inmates retie the score.  Kicker in the Rye struck again in the the top of the 3rd scoring plating 2 runs after loading the bases with some strategic bunts and singles.  A play at home plate would have given them a 5th run, but the runner was called out on a close play to end the inning.  In the bottom of the 4th, Death Row got 3 of solid singles to start the inning and scored 3 runs to take a 5-4 lead.  Catcher in the Rye answered back in the top of the 5th with a lead-off double followed by 2 singles to take a 6-5 lead.  The Bottom of the 5th would be the last inning due to time constraint.  Death Row started off with 2 bunts and a single to load the bases.   Another bloop single over 2nd base would tie the game at 6.  The next kicker for Death Row would go on to win the game with a walkoff single into right field. In Week 2, Welcome to Death Row look to stay undefeated when they play Almost Classy, while Kicker in the Rye looks for a win against Green Grenades

Almost Classy Blanks Just Kickin’ It, 8-0

Veteran Almost Classy used their experience to shutout Just Kickin’ It in the game in the left field grass.  Almost Classy shot out quickly to a 1-0 lead on some excellent place kicking.  Just Kickin’ It tried all night to score, but were unable to.  They had a couple of chances in the later innings to get on the board, but could not get the big kick to plate their first run of the season.  Meanwhile, Almost Classy added more runs on some excellent place kicking extending their lead to 8-0.  The lead could have been worse, but Just Kickin’ It had the defensive highlight of the night tracking down a sure home run on the fly that landed almost near the tree near the Recreation Center.  The play reverberated throughout Mosswood and was the talk of the evening at the bar.  Almost Classy plays the second game of their double header against Massage my Liver, while Just Kickin’ It looks to get a victory against Kick It and Quit It.

Saved by the Ball came true in the final inning beating Kick It and Quit It 10-7

Rookie teams collided opening night and showed some offensive explosion out the gate.  Saved by the Ball started things off with base hit after base hit in the top of the 1st adding 4 runs.  Kick It and Quit answered back with 2 of their own in the bottom of the 1st.  Innings 2-4 looked like it was going to be all Saved by the Ball as they kept racking up the base hits and mastering base running getting 10 runs by the 4th inning while Kick It and Quit It had 2.  Luckily, there was no Quitting with these Kicks, as a solo home run and a bases loaded double got them within 5. After two shut down defensive innings for the Kicks, it came down to the bottom of the 7th.  The Kicks got 2 runs to start of the inning with some great bunting and multiple singles down the 3rd base line. 10-7 Balls. With 2 outs and bases loaded, the Kicks had an opportunity for a walk off.  Unfortunately, storybook endings rarely happen in the first game of the season and the batter kicked out to 1st.  Final score: Saved by the Ball – 10, Kick It and Quit It – 7

Flipadelphia Flips Pitches and Bunts, 18-1

Flipadelphia looks like an early season contender smashing Pitches and Bunts, 18-1.  Flipadelphia high powered offense scored in every inning except for the fourth and had two five run innings.  Almost all of Flipadelphia’s kicks were finding the green grass of Mosswood.  Pitches and Bunts wasn’t so lucky however as they were able to get on base, but they were unable to get the big kick in to keep the game close.  Pitches and Bunts was able to get on the scoreboard in the 5th with a two out run scoring single.  Pitches and Bunts also threatened in the sixth, but Flipadelphia turned the rare triple play to end the game.  In Week 2, Flipadelphia looks to stay undefeated when they play Massage My Liver, while Pitches and Bunts looks to take down Blue Balls.

Blue Balls Walks Off Green Grenades in Defensive Battle, 1-0

Blue Balls, formerly known as Baby Bouncies looked prime to make a run at the Swenson Cup with a early statement win over defending Champion Green Grenades, 1-0.  Both teams had minimal opportunities to score, but pitching and defense was the theme in this game.  With goose eggs all over the board, Green Grenades was looking to preserve the tie, while Blue Balls had other ideas.  In the bottom of the sixth, a pair of baserunners quickly reached for Blue Balls.  A single to the outfield handed the Blue Balls a 1-0 thrilling walk off win.  In Week 2, Blue Balls faces off in their doubleheader week against Pitches and Bunts and Saved by the Ball, while Green Grenades looks to get a win against Kicker in the Rye.

Massage My Liver Leads, Falls behind, Comes back and Walks Off Almost Classy, 11-10

If Blue Balls and Grenades wanted to know where the late game offense was, they could have looked down the right field line to the offensive display between Massage My Liver and Almost Classy.  The Livers jumped out to a 6-0 lead after the second inning looking to cruise, but Almost Classy had a ton of fight left in them.  A home run to deep centerfield seemed to spark their offense as they scored five runs in the top of the third to trail 6-5.  After getting the shutdown inning, they tacked on another five run inning and led 10-5 after three innings.  In the fourth, Massage My Liver fought their way back with a pair to cut the deficit to 10-8.  The Livers stepped up their pitching and allowed zero runs the rest of the way.  In the bottom of the sixth, Livers led off with a triple and then that player scored on a double to left field.  After a fly out to third base, the kicker lined a shot down first base that bounced off his hands and caromed back towards foul territory.  The runner at third made a sprint to home and was safe tying the game.  The catcher then picked up the ball and threw to third to try to hit the kicker, however the ball eluded the kicker, who then scored the winning run and sent Massage My Liver home a victor and preventing a doubleheader sweep to Almost Classy’s season.  Massage My Liver faces off against Flipadelphia in Week 2, while Almost Classy looks to get back on the winning track against Welcome to Death Row.

Bar Report
The kickballers invaded McNally’s once again and the team shots and other beverages were flowing.  After the replenishment of cups in the back room, the veteran teams led the way teaching the new players the legend of the flip cup.  Supposedly, King of the Hill was played and the “champion” was Jonathan from Flipadelphia, but these were words that came out of his mouth, so it is up to the jury to decide if he won or not.  Stay tuned for next week to see if this website can confirm this answer.

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