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Three weeks ago, Week 7 was postponed due to darkness and Oakland Park and Rec forgetting about Golden State Kickball.  However, maybe this Halloween week themed week was a blessing in disguise.  With the seedings muddled after the top spot, how would the final games turn out?  Also, would Ginger Balls be able to run the table with an undefeated regular season record or would they rest their players for the tournament?  The ball was definitely flying on a chilly, but calm night at Mosswood Park in Oakland.

Throwback Thursdaze Devour Krusty Krab Pizza, 10-2

The early game at the partially lit Field 1 featured two teams trying to overturn their prior week’s loss. Throwback Thursdaze threatened early, getting runners into scoring position in the top of the first. Krusty Krab Pizza appeared to get out of the jam, only to give a two-out kick to right-center gap, scoring two. In the bottom of the frame, the Pizzas were able to get their lead-off kicker on base, but were unable to advance the runner. Thursdaze extended their lead to 4-0 with a string of singles in the second, and added a fifth run in the top of the fourth. KKP were able to get runners into scoring position in the bottom of the fourth inning. With two outs, the ball was kicked into shallow left field to score two runs and finally get KKP on the board.  In what would be the final inning, Throwback Thursdaze came back with avengence, and singled the Krusty Krabs to death, triggering a mercy rule and doubling their lead to 10-2.  Down to their last chance, Krusty Krab were able to load the bases with none out. The comeback stalled, however, with a force out at home and an infield pop-up.  Down to their final out, KKP couldn’t get the ball out of the infield. A force out at third base ended the game anti-climatically.  With the win, Throwback Thursdaze jump to fourth place in the standings and will host fifth seeded Wasted Wookies in the first round of the tournament. With the two teams below them either tying or losing, Krusty Krab Pizza hold steady in the #8 spot and will host #9 Almost Classy in a Play-In game.

Wasted Wookies Hurl all over themselves, Lose 6-0 to I’d Hit That.

With Zombie Captain America on the hill, Wasted Wookies had the idea to channel the power of the undead to propel them to victory.  On this night, however, facing an equally costumed I’d Hit That, that idea faded quickly and quietly.  I’d Hit That, proving their indifference to the power of undead, bunted their first three kickers safely on base to load the bases with nobody out.  A sharp single to the outfield scored the first run of the game, and after just four kickers, I’d Hit That lead 1-0.  The inning would get much worse for Zombie Captain America and his band of costumed wookies as the very next kicker blasted a ball to deep left center for a grand slam to cap off the five run mercy rule inning.  Continuing their offensive dominance, I’d Hit That kicked two sharp singles to open up the second prompting Zombie Captain America to shed his muscles and transform into just a plain zombie.  The costume change failed to produce any outs, however, as I’d Hit that continued to put runners on base, eventually plating an additional run to take a 6-0 lead after just two innings.  The lone highlight for the Wasted Wookies was an awesome triple play that they completed in the fourth inning.  The play was aided by atrocious baserunning by I’d Hit That and excellent backup defense by the Wookies.  With runners on first and second, a fly ball to the outfield moved the runner to third base, but the runner overran third and was hit by ball for the second out.  Then the runner at first tried to use the ricochet and run all the way home.  The gamble did not pay off for I’d Hit That and the triple play was completed.  The remainder of the game was uneventful and unexciting with both defenses recording three up, three down innings.  The 6-0 victory for I’d Hit That propelled them into the third seed of the tournament while the loss dropped Wasted Wookies all the way down to fifth.   I’d Hit That will face #6 Whistle Kicks in the Quarterfinals while the Wookies take on fourth seeded Throwback Thursdaze.

Welcome to Death Row and Whistle Kicks Play to 4-4 tie

Welcome Death Row and Whistle Kicks clashed in a close, entertaining game with great pitching and defense on both sides. The defenses were counterbalanced by some clutch kicking when it mattered, with every run in the game scoring with two outs.  Death Row had more opportunities throughout the game, with multiple runners on in almost every inning, but Whistle Kicks kept turning them away with key defensive stops.  The Whistlers opened the scoring in the bottom of the third, plating three runs with three straight 2-out base hits.  The West Coasters finally got the big kick they needed in the top of the 4th with a 3-run HR to tie the game.  Death Row then took a 4-3 lead with a clutch 2-out kick in the 5th, only to see WK use aggressive baserunning and an overthrow to tie things back up in the bottom of the inning. Both defenses held strong in the 6th to preserve a 4-4 tie.  Whistle Kicks will be seeded sixth for the tournament and will take on third seeded, I’d Hit That, while #10 Welcome to Death Row will be in a Play-In Game against #7 Baby Bouncies.

Green Grenades Hand Ginger Balls First Loss of season, win 1-0

Under the lights on a chilly evening at Mosswood Park, two heavyweights locked horns in what was clearly the game of the Fall 2015 season.  Ginger Balls, having already locked up the number one seed in the upcoming GSK tournament, entered the game undefeated, looking to finish off a perfect season.  In the opposing dugout, Green Grenades, needing a win to lock up the second seed, looked to play spoiler and become the only team to defeat the Gingers this season.  The early innings of this one were dominated by excellent pitching and stellar defense, with each team getting runners on base but failing to get the clutch kick to cash in the runs.  Green Grenades had the best opportunity to open the scoring early getting their leadoff kicker to first on an excellent bunt.  The Gingers promptly squashed the threat getting the next three outs, stranding the Grenades runner on third base.  Ginger Balls mounted a rally of their own in the fourth, putting runners on first and second with two outs, but once again failed to find any open space in the field to score their baserunners.  In the fifth after multiple chances failed them, Green Grenades finally broke through with the first, and only run of the game.  With two outs and runners on first and second, the Grenades kicker sent a towering fly ball to right field that landed just out of reach of the Gingers right fielder, allowing the runner on second to score without a play.  Green Grenades shut the door in the sixth not allowing a single baserunner as Ginger Balls fell quietly, losing for the first time in the Fall season.  In the upcoming GSK Fall Tournament Ginger Balls takes the #1 seed and will play the winner of #9 Almost Classy and #8 Krusty Krab Pizza.  Green Grenades takes the #2 seed and will meet the winner of Baby Bouncies and Welcome to Death Row.

Baby Bouncies Crush Almost Classy 10-0

The final game of the evening on Field 2 pitted teams, who were jockeying for position at the bottom of the standings, trying to climb out of the cellar and avoid the dreaded play-in game. In the bottom of the first, Baby Bouncies came out with their legs on fire and opened the scoring right away with a deep two run homer that sparked a five run mercy rule rally.  This put Classy in a deep hole that they were never able to climb out of.  Bouncies continued to pile it on in the second scoring two more runs on nice kicks to the outfield to push their lead to 7-0 after just two innings.  It was more of the same in the third as Bouncies finally had the offensive flow they had been looking for most of the season.  With runners in scoring position, two more nice kicks plated three additional runs and after just three innings Baby Bouncies found themselves finally on the winning side of a blowout, leading 10-0.  The offensive show would quiet after that with Classy finally bringing some defense to the field as they shut Baby Bouncies out the rest of the way.  On the offensive side, Classy had trouble getting anything going and could not score any runs off of a tight and well played Bouncies defense.  With the win, Baby Bouncies remains the seventh seed in the tournament and will play #10 Welcome to Death Row for the right to advance into the Quarterfinals for a matchup with #2 Green Grenades.  Almost Classy, with the loss, remains the ninth seed and will open play in the tournament against eighth seeded Krusty Krab Pizza. The winner will advance to the quarterfinals to play top seeded Ginger Balls.

Bar Report

Another Thursday, another night at McNally’s following kickball. Teams showed up in their costumes at McNally’s after the games. In the back room, players from Almost Classy, Green Grenades, Baby Bouncies, and a smattering of other teams interspersed for some friendly games of flip cup. In the front room, music was blasting, people were comparing costumes, and the alcohol was flowing. No individual was reigned King of the Hill champion. Perhaps next week with the fun games, the competition will stiffen at McNally’s and a flip cup champion will be crowned!


On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight whose balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.

Name: Mel

Team: Baby Bouncies

Position on the Field: Pep Talk Whisperers

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Religion because I wanted to learn how to be saved

Bar Drink of Choice: Sad Maiden

How long have you been playing kickball? 20 minutes

Why did you join kickball? I needed a better reason to drink on Thursdays

Favorite part of kickball? Building my highlight reel

Name: Tony Jabroni

Team: Baby Bouncies

Position on the Field: Full back

Favorite elementary School Subject: Trapping

Bar Drink of Choice: Asian surprise

How long have you been playing kickball? Since Pac died

Why did you join kickball? To solve the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Favorite part of kickball? The SludgeysIMG_7596


Name: Elizabeth Brown or EB

Team: Almost Classy

Position on the Field: Right Field

Favorite Elementary School Subject? Science

Bar Drink of Choice: Whatever is needed for flip cup (BEER)

How long have you been playing kickball? Fall of 2005

Why did you join kickball? To meet people and have fun of course

Favorite part of kickball? scoring, getting on base, …


Rules are rules and every sport has ‘em.  This week we look at pitching and it’s delivery.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

3.3 Pitching

3.3.1 Pitching Delivery The pitcher must plant his foot behind the pitching mound within one foot to either side of the mound when delivering his / her pitch The kicker must keep one foot within the kicking box prior to and during the pitch delivery.


Week 9 got underway Thursday Night at Mosswood Park and teams are trying to make the final push for tournament seeding.  Ginger Balls with a win would lock up the top seed and also would stay undefeated.  After that it gets a little murky in the standings.  Let’s get to the recaps, which also included a King of the Hill Flip Cup Tournament sponsored by Olympia.

Almost Classy walks Over Wasted Wookies in a Forfeit

Unfortunately, Wasted Wookies was unable to field enough players for a team and took the 5-0 forfeit to Almost Classy.  Both teams still were able to salvage the evening with an awesome game of kick away, cup in hand and no bunting, just like how kickball was meant to be played.  In the Week 7 games, which were postponed, Almost Classy faces off against Baby Bouncies, while Wasted Wookies looks to get back in the winning column against I’d Hit That.

Throwback Thursdaze defeats Baby Bouncies in Wild affair, 13-8

When two high powered offenses match up, sometimes a football game breaks out.  Both teams were coming off impressive wins in week 8 which was the makings of a high flying game. Throwback Thursdaze would start the run brigade first by getting 3 of their 4 first kickers on base. Throwbacks 5th-7th kickers would kick runners in with some assistance by some errant fielding by Bouncies.  When the damage was done, Thurdaze took a 4-0 kead.  A stacked Bouncy lineup responded back punished Throwback all game taking multiple base after multiple base allowing them to score 3 runs with their first 5 batters.  Bouncies shut out Throwback in the top of the 2nd then added 2 of their own after a mishandled fly to right field to take the lead 5-4 Bouncies going to the third. Throwback decided to lay the smack down in the top of the 3rd getting their first 4 batters to score with some timely bunts and a couple line drive doubles to right field. Throwback would then 5 berger the inning after some over throws to 2nd and 3rd base. Bouncies got some revenge in the bottom of the 3rd with adding 3 runs with their track and field tactics.  Unfortunately Bouncies’ “Let’s keep over running bases and see what happens” strategy got the best of them with Thursdaze running the pickle play to perfection getting some unforced outs. Thursdaze escaped with a 9-8 lead by the end of the 3rd.  Throwback knew they had to keep piling on the runs if they wanted to beat Bouncies. By taking a lot of pitches, Thursdaze seemed to wear out Bouncies pitcher who was throwing heat all game.  This strategy seemed to pay off in the top of the 4th where Throwback was able to get their first 4 kickers over the plate. In the bottom of the 4th, Throwback clamped down on defense not allowing a hit.  With all this scoring and pitch taking, the game was called in the end of the 4th because of time.  Even in just 4 innings, it was a hell of a game! Throwback Thursdaze: 13, Baby Bouncies: 8.  In the Week 7 makeup games, Throwback Thursdaze looks for a win against Krusty Krab Pizza, while Baby Bouncies looks to finish off their regular season campaign with a win against Almost Classy.

Green Grenades deep Fry Krusty Krab Pizza 11-0

Looking to increase their chances of grabbing the second seed in the upcoming GSK fall classic, Green Grenades jumped all over Krusty Krab Pizza bunting and booting their way to 11-0 victory scoring early and scoring often. The Grenades got things going right away in the top of the first loading the bases with no outs on three consecutive bunts; but could only plate two of the runs. Nice defense and pitching by the Krabs limited the damage and prevented what could have been a big inning. In the top of the second, however, the Grenades would find that big inning scoring four more to push their lead to 6-0 after two. The inning was capped off by a three home run down the right field line that was misplayed by the defense. The Krabs had a difficult time getting anything going offensively and had only a few baserunners through the first four innings, only one of which was able to get into scoring position. The Krabs failed at their only scoring opportunity and found themselves down 7-0 after five innings. Continuing to pile on, Green Grenades added four more runs in the sixth booting the ball all over the field and taking the extra base when they could. Not letting the Krabs up for air, Grenades completed a swift 1-2-3 bottom of the sixth en route to a dominant victory. In a makeup of Week 7 Green Grenades faces their toughest test as they play the undefeated Ginger Balls, while Krusty Krab Pizza hopes to end the regular season on a winning note when they face Throwback Thursdaze.

Whistle Kicks Blows by I’d Hit That, 7-2

The game between Whistle Kicks and I’d Hit That was pretty much decided in the early going.   I’d Hit That started the 1st inning out of character with no hits.  Whistle Kicks had a leadoff bunt and were able to load the bases with 2 outs.  A bloop single then scored all 3 runs giving Whistle Kicks a 3-0 lead going to the 2nd.  I’d Hit That had trouble getting their offense going, while Whistle Kicks struck again scoring 1 more run off a bunt squeeze.  I’d Hit That finally was able to strike back in the 4th with line drive and bunt sequences which plated a pair of runs, cutting the lead to 4-2.  Whistle Kicks threatened in the 4th but left a runner crossing home after the final out.  Whistle Kicks picked up 3 more runs in the 5th after some solid laser singles.  I’d Hit That threatened in the bottom of the 6th but refused to play the bunt game and Whistle Kicks sealed the victory, 7-2.  In the makeup of the Week 7 games, Whistle Kicks looks to defeat Welcome to Death Row, while I’d Hit That looks to defeat Wasted Wookies.

Ginger Balls stays Undefeated, Shuts out Welcome to Death Row, 11-0

Under the fully functional lights, Welcome to Death Row looked to end Ginger Ball’s perfect record. GB got off to a hot start, getting their first 2 runners on base with some small-ball. With runners on first and second, a cheeky bunt down the first-base line allowed the runner on second to score. With their 1-0 lead, the Gingers poured it on. After an avalanche of singles, they jumped to a 4-0 lead. Welcome to Death Row looked to narrow the deficit, but couldn’t get the clutch kick they needed. Both teams were able to hone in their pitching and defense to keep a scoreless second inning. In the third inning, a single and back-to-back walks loaded the bases for Ginger Balls. A few outfield shots later, their lead had expanded to 7-0. WDR couldn’t find an answer to the puzzling pitching of the Ginger’s pitching duo. Finding themselves down 11-0, they were able to get a runner on base, but were unable to get them into scoring position. After holding GB scoreless in the top of the fifth inning, Death Row was ready to rally back. Unfortunately, at that very moment the lights cut out drowning the game in darkness as both teams fell victim to their leisuring defensive assembly. More timely teams surely could have gotten a full six innings in, but perhaps a lesson is learned from this incident. Next week, in the makeup of the Week 7 games, Ginger Balls puts their undefeated record on the line when they play Green Grenades, while Welcome to Death Row looks for a win against Whistle Kicks.

Bar Report
Even though they lost in the field, Welcome to Death Row claimed the free bar tab at McNally’s this week through the drawing.  After the team shots and some dancing in the front room, kickballers headed to the back for the King of the Hill Tournament, sponsored by Olympia beer.  Alex P. from Wasted Wookies came in 5th and Alex Z. from Almost Classy at 4th.  The top three was all Ginger Balls and Mike S’s.  Mike Sw. finished third, with Mike Sp. coming in second to Mike Sh. who defeated Mike Sp. in a tightly contested three cup battle.  Olympia; It’s the water.


On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight whose balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.

Name: Jen

Team: Throwback Thursdaze

Position on the Field: Angel in the Outfield

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Lunch

Bar Drink of Choice: Kettle 1 dirty martini – extra olives

How long have you been playing kickball? 3 Weeks

Why did you join kickball? Husband is team captain – divorce was on the table

Favorite part of kickball? The beer =)

Husband is Thrilled to Play with the Wife!

Husband is Thrilled to Play with the Wife!

It's Nap Time!

It’s Nap Time!

Name: Mike G.

Team: Throwback Thursdaze

Position on the Field: Pitcher

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Nap Time

Bar Drink of Choice: Starry Night

How long have you been playing kickball? Too long, probably

Why did you join kickball? To kick ass and chew bubble gum.  I’m all out of ass kicking

Favorite part of kickball? Yoga pants


Rules are rules and every sport has ‘em.  This week we look at ejections, which we hope never happens in our leagues.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

2.5 Ejection

2.5.1 If ejected from a game by the Referee, a player is removed from the kicking order and may not take the field on defense

2.5.2 If losing an ejected player causes a team to fall below the minimum number of total players or females, the affected team will forfeit the game

2.5.3 An ejected player may suffer additional penalties as deemed by the league commissioner


After a blackout at Mosswood Park in Oakland last week, pushing Week 7 games back to October 29th, the kickballers found the lights on and ready for Week 8.  With only two weeks of play left before the Fall tournament, teams are jockeying for the best seed possible for the tournament.  

Throwback Thursdaze scores Early, Pulls away from Almost Classy Late, 12-4

If you were looking for a base hit bonanza, then this is the game for you.  Almost Classy was looking to build off their first win of the season, while Throwback Thursdaze wanted to get off the schneid and try to move into the top half of the standings.  Throwback came out blazing with 5 hits in a row in the top of the 1st scoring 3 runs.  With one out, Throwback wasn’t done getting a double to left field scoring two more to end the inning.  Classy didn’t take that 5 berger too lightly by having their lead off man get on and running his way in to get their first run.  Throwback may have taken this team too lightly with their pitcher just lobbing one at the plate to Classy’s big bopper which led to an easy solo home run.  Throwback would then get out of the inning making it 5-2 in the first.  After a shutout in the second inning, Throwback would get back on the board in the 3rd and 4th with some behind the back bunting and sac flies.  Thursdaze would lead 8-2 in the top of the fourth.  Classy came back in the bottom of the 4th loading the bases for their big bopper. Throwback’s pitcher has seen this disaster before, so he decided to intentionally walk him in for the run instead of letting him hit.  This proved to be the right decision as Throwback got 2 consecutive outs to end the inning. 8-4 Throwback.  Top of the 5th, Thursdaze decided to pile on the runs with their top of their lineup all scoring with some great placement kicking adding 4 more runs to the lead.  Classy had some chances in the bottom of the 5th and 6th to make things interesting, but got caught sleeping on the bases.  Final score Throwback Thursdaze 12, Almost Classy 4.  In Week 9, Throwback Thurdaze will try to keep the winning momentum going with a win against Baby Bouncies, while Almost Classy goes up against Wasted Wookies.

Green Grenades Shuts Out Whistle Kicks, 5-0

The battle between Green Grenades and Whistle Kicks was a defensive affair sans for two innings.  Both teams showed off their defensive prowess with some awesome running catches and turning numerous double plays, which extinguished threats on both sides.  Green Grenades would eventually open the scoring in the 4th inning plating a pair of runs on a double and also an error.  In the 5th, Green Grenades busted the game wide open picking up three runs on some excellent place kicking through the Whistle Kick defense.  Whistle Kicks tried to battle back in the top of the 6th, but were unable to get anything going and Green Grenades completed the 5-0 shutout victory.  In Week 9, Green Grenades tries to keep the winning momentum going when they face Krusty Krab Pizza, while Whistle Kicks looks for a victory against I’d Hit That.

Ginger Balls stays Undefeated, hangs against Krusty Krab Pizza

Ginger Balls started the evening off with strategic back to back bunts followed by 2 laser line drives to open up the game.  A pair of fly balls successfully dropped afterwards to finish a 4 run inning.  Krusty Krab scratched back with 2 runs in the bottom of the 1st of some solid singles and quick base running.  Ginger Balls offense wouldn’t quick adding 1 run in the 2nd after 3 singles in a row.  Solid defense by both teams went down the following 3 innings.  Ginger Balls squeezed another run in the top of the 5th with a close play at the plate that barely missed the ducking runner.  Bottom of the the 6th was a nail biter starting with Krusty Krab loading the bases with zero outs.  Down 6-2, they were able to score 3 runs with a single and 2 sacrifice flies.  The final kicker had a chance to tie with bases loaded but was unable to score after a great diving catch from the pitcher.  Ginger Balls remains undefeated however you could see the fear in their eyes during the last inning.  In Week 9, Ginger Balls looks to stay undefeated when they play Welcome to Death Row, while Krusty Krab Pizza looks for a win against Green Grenades.

Wasted Wookies Walks Off Welcome to Death Row in Wild Game, 9-8

In the late game in the outfield, Welcome to Death Row and Wasted Wookies hooked up in a wildly entertaining game with lots of runs, big plays, and just enough defense to keep it interesting. Both offenses dominated the game early, with each big inning topping the previous one. Death Row got it started using small ball to plate 3 runs in the top of the first, only to see their hairy opponents do them one better with four runs of their own in the bottom of the inning. Not to be outdone, the inmates topped that output with a massive five spot in the top of the second. After Wookies came back with another three runs in the bottom of the 3rd inning, it was 8-7 Death Row and it looked like the scoreboard was going to overheat. Then, suddenly, the game shifted and both defenses started throwing up zeroes behind great pitching and stellar field play. The score remained at 8-7 until the bottom of the 6th, when the Wookies mounted a rally. They were able to push across the tying run, and then aggressive baserunning got them the winning run, which crossed the plate just ahead of the defense’s throw to give the Wasted the walk off win.  In Week 9, Wasted Wookies looks to keep the momentum going when they play Almost Classy, while Welcome to Death Row looks to hand Ginger Balls their first loss of the season.

Baby Bouncies Bounce into Sixth place; Defeat I’d Hit That 6-2

The late game on the dirt appeared to be a mis-match with the #2 I’d Hit That facing the up-and-coming #9 Baby Bouncies. BB got off to a fast start, stringing together a few bunts to get a runner into scoring position. Some well-placed kicks to the outfield allowed Bouncies to take an early 3-0 lead. BB’s pitcher was throwing some heat and made quick work of the top of I’d Hit That’s line-up. Both teams tightened up their defence as neither could score in the 2nd or 3rd innings. IHT were able to claw back a run in the fourth with some aggressive base-running to narrow the margin to 3-1. Bouncies entered the top of the fifth looking to extend their lead. The first pitch was launched down the right field line. An unlucky bounce off a fielder on the return throw allowed the kicker to extend the kick into a home run, pulling BB back to a three-run lead. Bouncies kept the pedal down and were able to plate another run in the frame, followed by their 6th run in the top of the sixth. Facing a five-run deficit, I’d Hit That needed a big final inning for a walk-off victory. Their comeback started with a bizarre close force play at first base that saw the lead runner continue running around the bases to score easily. Down to their final out, IHT needed base runners badly. However, a shallow pop-up was kicked and the upset was in the books with I’d Hit That falling to Baby Bouncies, 6-2. Next week, Bouncies look to continue their climb up the standings against the #5 seed Throwback Thursdaze, while I’d Hit That looks to keep pace with the other 5-2 teams playing #7 seed Whistle Kicks.

Bar Report

McNally’s was bumping extra hard this week with two waves of pizza and breadsticks at the bar.  Along with the free team shots and bar tab in which Ginger Balls won, kickballers gathered in the backroom for some flip cup craziness.  While there was no King of the Hill this week, perhaps next week we will crown a champion?  Stay tuned!

On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight the man and woman who’s balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.

Name: Jessica

Team: Wasted Wookies

Position on the Field: Horizontal

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Swinging

Bar Drink of Choice: Really good beer

How long have you been playing kickball? 2 days

Why did you join kickball? Because Colleen asked me to

Favorite part of kickball? It’s AWESOME

Thanks Colleen! Kickball is awesome!

Thanks Colleen! Kickball is awesome!



Name: Todd

Team: Ginger Balls

Position on the Field: Various

Favorite elementary School Subject: Recess

Bar Drink of Choice: Beer

How long have you been playing kickball? ~8 seasons

Why did you join kickball? For the cupcakes

Favorite part of kickball? The Fun park


Rules are rules and every sport has ‘em.  This week we look at the base running.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

3.7 Baserunning

  1. Baserunning
    1. A Baserunner may not leave their current base until the ball is kicked
      1. No stealing or leading off is allowed
      2. If a Baserunner is off the base when a ball is kicked they will immediately be called out
    2. A Baserunner must stay within 3’ of the baseline A Baserunner has priority to the base path area of the field unless a Defender is actively making a play on the ball

  1. A Baserunner may not interfere in any way with a Defender making a play on the ball.  This includes touching, obstructing, yelling, intentionally touching the ball, or any other action at the discretion of the Referee which obstructs play.  A baserunner who obstructs a fielder will be immediately called out
    1. A Baserunner must avoid colliding with a defender when advancing to a base.  Intentionally colliding with a Defender will cause the Baserunner to immediately be called out and be ejected from the game
  2. A Baserunner may run past 1st base after kicking.
    1. Baserunners doing so must run past the base in a straight line and return to the base immediately

If the Baserunner at any time makes an advance towards 2nd base, they may be tagged out before returning to a base


On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight whose balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.

Name: Kevin

Team: Whistle Kicks

Position on the Field: 3B/Pitcher/Outfield/Catcher – I do it all, baby

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Finger Painting

Bar Drink of Choice: The delicious team shot we get each week

How long have you been playing kickball? 4 seasons

Why did you join kickball? Simone and my boy Timmy

Favorite part of kickball? Winning at flip cup


Some of their answers seem similar…Are they the same person?

Name: Christina

Team: Whistle Kicks

Position on the Field: 1st/RF

Favorite elementary School Subject: History

Bar Drink of Choice: The delicious team shot we get each week =)

How long have you been playing kickball? 3 seasons

Why did you join kickball? For Fun

Favorite part of kickball? Winning at Flip cup


Rules are rules and every sport has ‘em.  This week we look at the catcher position.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

3.4 Catching

3.4.1 The Catcher is the only defender who may start play in foul territory

3.4.2 The Catcher may not at any time touch the kicker or obstruct their kick in anyway

3.4.3 The Catcher must always stay outside the kicking box until the ball is kicked If the Catcher interferes with the kicker in the act of kicking or in proceeding to first base the play is dead and kicker is automatically awarded first base


With the Fall 2015 coming down to the wire, teams are jostling for playoff positioning.  Could Almost Classy get their first win of the season?  How about Ginger Balls staying undefeated?  On this cool evening at Mosswood Park in Oakland, the red ball was flying all over the yard.  Kickballers were ready for the Midseason festivities after the game at McNally’s as well.

I’d Hit That knock down Throwback Thursdaze 5-2

Two veteran teams clashed on Thursdaze looking to go up in the standings.  The powerhouse that is I’d Hit That looked to build on their 4 game winning streak while Throwback was looking for a spot with the elites.  The scoring started in the top of the 2nd as some brilliant baserunning allowed the Hits to sacrifice a runner home. Thursdaze wasn’t too keen on giving up that run by getting 2 runs of their own with some timely hits.  In the top of the third, I’d Hit That had a two run double with a controversial play at 3rd base with an errant throw, but the refs conversed allowing no runs to score. I’d Hit That still was able to sacrifice another runner in tieing the game at two apiece.  In the top of the 4th, I’d Hit That kept praying to the Mayan gods getting another sacrifice run in.  Thursdaze had no relief from the Hit’s kicking allowing 2 more runs to score in the 4th and another in the 5th making it 5-2 in the 6th inning. Thursdaze dug deep in the bottom of the 6th getting the tying run on plate with 1 out where the batter had a bases clearing double down the right field line. Unfortunately, it just fell a foot short of fair.  A foot short was as close as Thursdaze would get.   I’d Hit That: 5, Throwback Thursdaze: 2.  In Week 7, I’d Hit That looks to stay on the winning side when they face Wasted Wookies, while Throwback Thursdaze looks to knock off Krusty Krab Pizza.

Wasted Wookies hold on for tight 2-1 win over Green Grenades

In a tight defensive battle the Wasted by somewhat sober Wookies eeked out a victory against a team just ahead of them in the standings. If you like watching kickball games that are full of pitching and defense, then this game was definitely for you as the pitchers and defense on both sides kept runners out of scoring position and the run totals low. Wasted Wookies opened the scoring in the bottom of the first with a two run rally that started with excellent bunting and place kicks. The offense of the Wookies looked prime for a big game after one, but the pitching and defense of the Green Grenades made sure that was all the Wookies would get for the rest of the game. The Wookies matched that effort by the Grenades putting up zero after zero until the Grenades finally broke through in the sixth scoring one run on a sac fly to the outfield. It looked as though Grenades had finally figured out the pitching of the Wookies and were threatening to tie the game with two outs. But it wasn’t meant to be for the Grenades on this night as they failed to get the clutch kick they needed to keep the game going, losing a tight one 2-1. In Week 6, Wasted Wookies looks to continue their win streak with a win against I’d Hit That, while Green Grenades try to bounce back when they face Ginger Balls

Late Surge Carries Ginger Balls over Whistle Kicks, 8-3

In the infield, Ginger Balls looked to maintain their perfect season against the 2-2-1 Whistle Kicks. Small ball and sacrifice flies got GB on the board with two quick runs in the top of the first. WK were able to get on base, but couldn’t get the runners into scoring position. Gingers posted another run in the second with a few singles to the outfield to take a 3-0 lead. In the bottom of the second inning, Whistle Kicks looked to respond, but were again kept off the scoreboard. Whistle Kicks tightened up their defense and prevented the Gingers from expanding their lead. In the bottom of the fourth, the Whistles were able to get their lead-off kicker on base. The clutch kick that was absent earlier in the game finally surfaced and the Kicks were on the board. Down 3-1 in the fifth, Whistle Kicks lined a ball into shallow right-center. Aggressive base running beat out the play at the plate, and the kicker was able to advance to second on the throw. Two plays later, the score was tied, 3-3. Emboldened by the sudden turn of events, Gingers fired up their offense. A flurry of kicks maxed out the scoreboard with a big 5-spot in the top of the sixth inning. Down 8-3, the stunned Whistles needed a rally of their own. The GB pitcher refused to yield any ground, and a 1-2-3 inning ended the game. Next week Ginger Balls take their undefeated record to Green Grenades while Whistle Kicks look to climb the standings against Welcome to Death Row.

Almost Classy capture First win of season, beat Krusty Krab Pizza, 8-2

In a game between two teams looking for wins, Almost Classy was finally able to reign in their first win of the season, capitalizing on big time late game offense. Krusty Krab Pizza, also looking to return to their winning ways, started off quickly, putting their first two kickers on base with well placed bunts. Nothing more would come of the fast start as Almost Classy played their way out of the jam stranding two Krabs on the base paths. The next few innings saw little offense as both teams failed to put a runner in scoring position again until the fourth inning. In the top of the fourth, looking for any resemblance of an offense, the Krabs were able to put a runner on third with a one out triple. With the odds in their favor, Krusty Krab Pizza looked to open the scoring but Almost Classy’s defense stepped up big and shut down the next two Krabs to prevent the runner on third from scoring, preserving a 0-0 tie heading into the bottom of the inning. Almost Classy finally broke the tie in the bottom of the inning on two, two out singles to the outfield. The runs were aided by spotty defense by the Krusty Krabs who had a difficult time getting the ball back into the infield, allowing Almost Classy to take the extra base and score a total of three runs in the inning. The Krabs were down, but not out as they bounced back for two of their own in the top of the fifth to cut the lead to 3-2. The offense was generated by sharp singles to the outfield and heads up baserunning with the second run coming on a tight play at the plate as the Krabs runner came across just ahead of a nice throw by Classy’s third baseman. Feeling the heat of the Krabs, Classy opened up the bottom of the fifth with 3 consecutive singles to load the bases. Several singles followed before the Krabs could record an out, and before they knew it were being mercy ruled and down 8-2 after five innings. The score would hold as the final out of the sixth was recorded giving Almost Classy their first win of the season. In Week 7, Almost Classy looks to keep their winning streak alive versus Baby Bouncies while Krusty Krab Pizza look to get a win when they play Throwback Thursdaze.

Welcome to Death Row and Baby Bouncies play to a 4-4 tie

A tie between two teams looking to climb the standings was probably not the result either was looking for, but it made for an exciting back and forth game that closed Week 6 of the fall 2015 season. The action got going in the bottom of the first as Baby Bouncies quickly opened the scoring with the help from a pair of errors and heads up baserunning, taking a 3-0 lead. Feeling the pressure, Welcome to Death Row responded nicely in the top of the third getting one run back on a well placed kick to second with 2 outs. In the top of the fourth, the willey vets of Death Row would complete their comeback with a 2 out rally. Two singles put runners in scoring position putting some serious pressure on the Bouncies defense. The offense of Death Row would win the inning as the next kicker blasted a double that scored both runners, tying the game at 3. In the bottom of the fourth the Bouncies would return the favor with a lead off triple. That runner would eventually score giving the Bouncies a 4-3 lead heading into the fifth. The Bouncies lead would not hold, however, as Death Row crushed a one out home run in the very next inning to complete a second comeback and tie the game at 4. In the bottom of the sixth, Bouncies had one final opportunity to win the game as they were able to get a runner into scoring position with just one out but couldn’t find a way to score the runner as Death Row pitched themselves to a 4-4 tie. In Week 7, Weclome to Death Row will face off against Whistle Kicks while Baby Bouncies goes head to head with Almost Classy.  

Bar Report

Sausage donated by Steven Mah from Aidell’s! Flip cup! DJ Stretch in the building. McNally’s was alive and rocking Thursday. After the games, the teams flocked to the bar. At the flip cup tournament, Ginger Balls proved their worth, knocking off all the teams they faced. Steven Lopez (otherwise known as OP) won the bar tab as the lone soldier who dressed up.

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