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On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight the man and woman who’s balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.

Name: Evan

Team: Purple Rain

Position on the Field: Pitcher/3rd

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Snack time

Bar Drink of Choice: Dark and Stormy

How long have you been playing kickball? 1 Season

Why did you join kickball? Because I had no friends

Favorite part of kickball? The kicking of the ball


Evan dreams about GSK all day


Sara spending time with teammates post game

Name: Sara

Team: East Bay Ballers

Position on the Field: Hiding, southpaw

Favorite elementary School Subject: A/V Club

Bar Drink of Choice: Greyhound

How long have you been playing kickball? Antiquity

Why did you join kickball? Keeps me out of trouble and desire to kick balls better

Favorite part of kickball? Team shirts (I expect)


Rules are rules and every sport has ‘em.  This week we look at the length of games.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

3.1 Game Length

3.1.1 Games shall last 6 innings or 55 minutes, whichever comes first.

3.1.2 No new innings shall be started within the final 10 minutes of game time.


Golden State Kickball Summer 2015 Week 2 hit Mosswood Park Thursday night and the red ball was flying all over the field on this warm and beautiful evening in Oakland.  With pizza and wings served to hungry kickballers at McNally’s afterwards, teams were itching for the win and the bar.

Classy too much for Ballers

Two teams with a mix of veterans and rookies took to the field in the opening game of GSK’s epic summer season. The scoring opened in the top of the first when, with two outs Classy plated the first run on a defensive miscue from the Ballers. The Ballers would rebound, however, and would plate 4 runs in the bottom of the first on nice kicks capped off by a three run homer. Unfortunately the Ballers’ defense couldn’t hold and gave up a five spot to Classy in the very next inning. Their 5 run mercy rule inning was capped by a grand slam. Classy would again plate runs in the 3rd blowing this one wide open. By the bottom of the fourth Classy was leading the Ballers 10-4. The Ballers wouldnt go quietly and made some noise  in the bottom of the third to cut the lead to 10-6 and were trying to claw their way back into this one but Classy’s defense stepped up and pulled off a double play to end the inning and the Ballers’ threat. Classy would get one more in the 5th to put the game out of reach, winning this offensive battle 11-6. Next week Classy looks to keep the winning streak alive as they square off against the Highland Hitmen while East Bay Ballers look for their first win against Throwback Thursdaze.

Hitmen gun down Clones 7-2

A match-up only colorblind people would love, the greys faced off for an epic battle for who’s opaque jersey mattered more!  A battle of undefeated teams, veterans Highland Hitmen (dark grey) came to snipe some Rolling Clones (light grey) and they didn’t disappoint.  It wouldn’t be easy as the Clones scored first in the top of the first, but the Hitmen were fully loaded in the bottom of the first scoring 4 runs on multiple base hits. Great defense and amazing umpiring by first time ref Anthony Santiago kept the score 5-1 till the bottom of the 4th where 2 solo shots by the Hitman sealed the deal.  Shout out to the Clones for their own solo shot in the 5th, but it wasn’t enough.  Highland Hitman: 7, Rolling Clones: 2.  In Week 3, Highland Hitman look to stay undefeated when they play Almost Classy, while Rolling Clones looks to bounce back against Whistle Kicks.

Whistle Kicks Shuts Out AfterDarc, 12-0

The game between Whistle Kicks and AfterDarc was a high scoring battle, but unfortunately only one team scored all of the runs.  Whistle Kicks scored in all 5 of their innings, while AfterDarc had issues getting their offense going.  While AfterDarc had chances, they could not find the big kick that they need to get back into the game.  Whistle Kicks on the other hand kicked three home runs in the victory.  Whistle Kicks also added a bases clearing three run double for good measure.  In Week 3, Whistle Kicks looks for a win against The Rolling Clones, while AfterDarc for their first win of the season against Captain’s Morgan Revenge.

Death Row executes Throwback Thursdaze 10-4

If you were looking for a game filled with offensive firepower, you found it in the match-up between the inmates of Death Row and the kids of Throwback Thursdaze. Death Row opened the game with a bang plating 5 runs in a mercy rule top of the first. The scoring for the inmates started with a bases loaded two run double and was capped by a monster 2 run home run to cap the 5 run start. Thursdaze would get one back in the bottom of the first plating a run off of a lead off triple. Thursdaze would continue to climb back into the game plating 3 more runs in the bottom of the third on a 2 run RBI triple followed by a single to cut the lead to 5-4. The triple attack fizzled for Thursdaze as the inmates of Death Row would shut down their offense for the rest of the game. Death Row, however, continued their offensive firepower with 2 runs in the fourth and another 3 in the fifth capped by yet another 2 run homer to stretch their lead to 10-4. In this game the home run won out over its lesser cousin, the triple. Next week Throwback Thursdaze look for their first win against the also winless East Bay Ballers, while Death Row looks to continue their winning ways against the artist formerly known as the Awesome Opossums.

Captain Morgan defeats Purple Rain in Offensive Show

If you were looking for a display of power, the last game of the evening gave us some majestic home runs on Field 2 in the match-up between Purple Rain and Captain’s Morgan’s Revenge.  After winning in Week 1 as Awesome Opposum, the team in purple decided to change their name, while Captain Morgan’s Revenge stuck with theirs  The teams combined for a total of 5 home runs and five different lead changes, but when the game was all said and done Captain Morgan showed more power in a 12-10 victory and the non name change to stay undefeated in league play.  In Week 3, Captain Morgan’s Revenge looks to stay undefeated when they play AfterDarc, while Purple Rain tries to rebound with a victory against Welcome to Death Row.

Bar Report

It was another wild Thursday night at McNally’s. With the anticipation of food delivery, players flocked to the bar. Team shots were enjoyed and conversation was lively, with players reminiscing about the great plays from the field. Pizza and wings arrived, and the back room was filled with hungry and happy kickballers. Once there was enough room to use the tables for drinking games, slap cup became the game of choice, for the second week in a row. Following slap cup, there were a few rounds of flip cup, but there has yet to be a King of the Hill summer champion. Perhaps that will change next week?  Stay tuned…..

Social Media

Photos from Week 2 are posted here

Twitter and use hashtag #gskball for your pics and comments!  You may be Retweeted!



On Tuesday’s, we take the time to spotlight the man and woman who’s balls shined brighter than most, that week. Throw on some shades as we introduce you to our Golden Ballers of the Week.  


Talicia is ready for GSK!


Name: Talicia

Team: Classy

Position on the Field: Outfield

Favorite Elementary School Subject: Art

Bar Drink of Choice: Flip Cup

How long have you been playing kickball? 3 years

Why did you join kickball? To drink and kick balls

Favorite part of kickball? Talking to people



Thumbs up for GSK!


Name: George

Team: Welcome to Death Row

Position on the Field: No idea

Favorite Elementary primary School Subject: PE

Bar Drink of Choice: Cheeky Beer

How long have you been playing kickball? First Time

Why did you join kickball? Girlfriend had the idea (not much choice)

Favorite part of kickball? The people are legit



Golden Rule of the Week

Rules are rules and every sport has ’em.  This week we look at the encroachment rule before a ball is pitched.  Brush up on further rulebook knowledge here to make Golden State Kickball a fun time for everyone!

3.6.1 Before the ball is kicked no Defender, including the Pitcher, may enter fair territory in front of the imaginary line made from 1st to 3rd


Ten optimistic teams descended on Mosswood Park in Oakland on Thursday night to begin the Summer season for the coveted Swenson Cup.  After a rules clinic pre-game and some team introductions, the red ball was flying all over the park.  Kickball scouts say this season could be the most unpredictable yet as each team has question marks.  Lets get to the recaps for this exciting Week 1.

AfterDarc defeats the Rolling Clones 5-2 to open the Summer Season

The first game of the summer featured two rookie teams facing off. Both teams were aggressive in the kicking box, but couldn’t get the ball to land on grass. The scoring opened in the bottom of the second with AfterDarc plating a run. The Rolling Clones were able to answer in the top of the third. With a runner on base, the kicker blasted a ball to left field. The 2-run home run was the play of the game, as the Rolling Clones were able to hold onto the lead for the remainder of the game. AfterDarc was able to scratch out a run in the fifth, but eventually fell, 5-2.  The Rolling Clones look to take down the Highland Hitman in Week 2, with AfterDarc looks for a win against Whistle Kicks.

Awesome Opossums Squeak by Whistle Kicks

Whistle Kicks come into the season winless looking to turn their luck around with a whole new arsenal of players. Luck seemed to be in the Kicks favor when the Awesome Opossums only showed up with 7 players.  That didn’t stop some sensational offense from the Opossums scoring 1 run in the top of the first and then 3 in the second.  The Kicks shook off some of that offseason rust and locked down on defense the rest of the game, but could they score?  In the bottom of the third, they answered with a resounding YES with some timely hits scoring 2 runs.  Bottom of the 6th, the Kicks mustard one more run and had the tying run on 2nd with 2 outs.  Unfortunately, the batter popped out to second leaving the Whistle Kicks still winless.  Better luck next week. Awesome Opossums 4: Whistle Kicks 3

Highland Hitman Shut Down East Bay Ballers, 5-0

The first 8pm game featured a pair of veteran teams with new players in a defensive affair.  After a scoreless first inning, Highland Hitmen strung together a pair of hits and used some aggressive baserunning to plate the games first run.  After a scoreless third, the fourth was the big difference in the game.  With one out Ballers rallied with a pair of singles and then loaded the bases with two outs.  The next kicker however grounded into a force out on which the pitcher made a great tag play to get the runner on a close play at home.  In the bottom half Hitman showed off their power by kicking a three run home run.  Highland picked up another run before East Bay Ballers were able to stop the bleeding.  In the top half of the fifth, Ballers had one more shot, but they went quietly and Highland Hitman earned the shutout victory.  In Week 2, Highland Hitman look to take down The Rolling Clones, while East Bay Ballers look to bounce back with a win against Almost Classy.

Captain Morgan’s Revenge defeats Throwback Thursdaze in Offensive Affair

The second 8PM game featured a pair of returning veteran teams looking to get the summer season off to a winning affair. This game proved to be one of the best of the night featuring stellar defensive plays, excellent offense, and a wild (almost) comeback finish. This game got started with Captain Morgan, in full pirate regalia, plating the first run of the game in the top of the first. Those dastardly pirates continued to plunder Thursdaze in the top of second scoring 5 and forcing a mercy rule inning. After 2 innings the score was 6-0. In the third Thursdaze began to chip away at the lead by scoring a single run in the bottom of the third, fourth, and fifth. The lead heading into the final frame was 8-3 and it looked as though the Captain Morgan would have a runaway victory in this first week of summer. Thursdaze would have none of it, and, with kick after kicking finding holes in the pirate defense began to creep their way back into the game. With two outs, Thursdaze had cut the score to 8-7 with a runner on third and were looking to tie the game. Captain Morgan’s defense, however, answered the call and closed out the game for a close 8-7 victory. Next week Captain Morgan looks to make it two in a row against Awesome Opossums while Throwback Thursdaze looks to capture their first win of summer when they take on Welcome to Death Row.

Almost Classy Falls to Welcome to Death Row, 8-2

The final game of the night featured two veteran team squaring off in a tediously coached affair. Welcome to Death Row, frustrated by their RPS loss, opened the scoring right away plating 2 runs in the first inning. Some aggressive base-running allowed another 2 runs in the top of the second inning. Almost Classy was able to answer back in the bottom of the frame with 2 runs of their own. With the bases loaded and no outs, a line drive was kicked to the third base man who was able to get an unassisted double-play. This prevented a big inning for AC and set the tone for the rest of the game. Classy were unable to score anymore in the inning. WDR motivated by their defensive prowess, was able to score 4 in the top of the 3rd. The final score after 4 innings, 8-2.  In Week 2, Welcome to Death Row looks to take down Throwback Thursdaze, while Almost Classy looks to bounce back with a win against East Bay Ballers.

Bar Report

After fierce week 1 competition on the field, teams took the party to McNally’s. At the bar, teams got to know each other better by indulging in the infamous team shot, also known as the “Tobias Special.”  In the backroom, Golden State Kickball provided the beer, and the teams provided the fun. There were some heated team vs. team games of flip cup. Slap cup was in high demand on Thursday following flip cup, ruling out King of the Hill for the night. A few rounds of slap cup got players hyped and allowed for ample practice on their flipping skills for the weeks to come. Show up at the bar next week for more fun and games. Perhaps we will crown our first King of the Hill summer champion.  With an exciting first week, this is expected to be the greatest Golden State Kickball season to date.  Photos from the first week are posted here!



A week from today, Golden State Kickball will be kicking off the Summer 2015 season at Mosswood Park in beautiful Oakland, California!

“Golden State Kickball, LLC” was established in 2014 in Oakland, California with the vision to provide a positive recreational outlet for the Bay Area community.

We know how tough the rigors of the 9-5 can be. For a few hours a week we just want to get away and return to simpler times. Golden State Kickball strives to do just that.

GSK works with local businesses to establish a positive, home-grown niche within the community.  This season our sponsor bar is McNally’s Irish Pub located on 5352 College Avenue in Oakland, just a short drive or bicycle ride from Mosswood Park!

Are you a young professional who wants to expand your local network? Are you new to the area and just want to meet new people? Are you a family oriented person who wants to just take a break from life? Are you working for a company who wants to improve upon their team building abilities?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Golden State Kickball is right for you…

What are you waiting for?  Are you waiting for the Warriors to win the NBA Finals?  Sign up today!



This past Saturday, Golden State Kickball presented a day full of events opening the new Summer season and closing out the Spring Season.  With a pick up game in the afternoon and a Casino themed event at night, fun was to be had by all in Oakland.  With the Summer 2015 season due to start on June 18th, registration is currently open!

Approximately fifty people attended the free pick up game at Mosswood Park on Saturday and while it was very interesting to see 15 people with a defensive alignment, there was still a ton of offense.  Players from across the Bay Area came to Mosswood for a couple of hours of kickball and socializing.  With so many people playing defensively, a second game started up on Field 2 where more fun was to be had.  Kickball scouts think that all of the new players have potential to become All Star kickballers with seasoning.  Photos from the event are posted here!

In the evening after a short break, kickballers were dressed to impressed at Grand Oaks Sports Bar and Lounge for a Casino night themed party.  Classic casino games such as blackjack, craps and roulette were played for prizes.  There were also many photo opportunities to be had and when the party was completed, three members of Cat’s Pajamas were the big winners on the evening taking home the prizes.  Evan had the most chips and scored a free season of kickball, Farrah won A’s tickets to a future game and Laura took home a bar tab for a future date.  Once the Casino night was completed, kickballers downstairs to expand their lungs and try their hand at some Karaoke.  All in all a great night.  Photos from the Casino event is posted here!

Summer 2015 Registration is Open NOW! Season Starts June 18th!  Don’t wait however as the early bird special lasts until June 4th!

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