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We have now entered into the unscripted section of our kickball season. Now that the regular season round-robin is over, the last two weeks feature matchups determined by the league standings. Bring your A game, because playoff seeding is on the line. So is playing whom? Glad you asked…

Game Date/Time Field Team 1 Team 2 Score
4/30/2015 7:00:00 PM F1 THE GREEN GRENADES ja rules angel’s TBD
4/30/2015 7:00:00 PM F2 Keeping it Classy since 2015 Whistle Kicks TBD
4/30/2015 8:00:00 PM F1 Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers Cats Pajamas TBD
4/30/2015 8:00:00 PM F2 We Got The Runs The Beer Bandits TBD



With the season coming to an end (sob), here’s the important dates to look forward to. Registration is OPEN for the summer season, so use these last few games to get your plans together for world (well, league) domination over the summer.

5/16 – EOS Tourney
5/30 – Pick Up Game, Ref Clinic, EOS/Preseason Party
6/4 – Early Bird Pricing ends
6/18 – Summer Season begins

Also, how would you like to make a little extra change? GSK is looking to add some good refs to our staff. If you would be interested in getting paid to ref Golden State Kickball games, please contact us at If your application is accepted, you will be required to attend the referee clinic on May 30th before you can be brought on board.

That is all, see you at the field!



Mosswood Park was a festive and sleepy mood Thursday night as it was Pajama night along with Game 3 of the first round of the NBA Playoffs, with the hometown Golden State Warriors playing.  For Golden State Kickball, this was the last game before the daunting Standings Battle Weeks for the next two to shake up the playoff seedings.  Let’s get to the recaps.

Grenades Blows by Whistle Kicks, 6-1

Both teams brought their defense with them as neither team was able to score in the first inning. The Green Grenades were and to scrape a run together in each of the next three innings while keeping the Whistle Kicks off the scoreboard. In the 5th inning, GG was able to get a 3-run homer, putting them up 6-0. WK were able to get runners on base, but were unable to get a clutch kick to bring them home. The bottom of the sixth the Whistle Kicks were able to get runners on base again. With runners at the corners, a ground ball was enough to plate a runner. The Grenade defense shut them down after that though, final score 6-1.  In Standings Battle Week #1, Green Grenades plays Ja Rule’s Angels, while Whistle Kicks faces off against We Got the Runs

Dreamers Crush Angels, 13-3

Beating down opponents and bunting, kicking, and pitching their way to victory has become a theme this season for Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers. They brought their whole package once again this week against their opponent, Ja Rule’s Angels. Hot Carl got off to a fast start with well placed kicks and bunts and took advantage of some sloppy defense to take an early 3-0 lead. Hot Carl continued their dominance at the plate and scored runs in each inning before breaking it open with a run run mercy rule inning in the fifth. Ja Rule’s Angels struggled to get anything going at the plate but did manage to score 3 runs throughout the contest. Some double plays and baserunning mistakes killed rallies for the Angels in the 3rd and 4th. Ultimately, Ja Rule was done in by poor defense and mistakes at the plate leading to a 13-3 smackdown by Hot Carl. In Standings Battle Week #1, Hot Carl faces off against Cat’s Pajamas while Ja Rule’s Angels takes on the Green Grenades.

Pajama’s lose 7-4 to Classy on Pajama Night

On a night full of pajamas league wide, the one team with pajamas in their name couldn’t muster enough offense to get past the pitching and defense of Keepin it Classy. The first few innings of this battle went back and forth with each team plating 3 runs. Pajama’s opened the scoring in the top of the first but saw their lead fade away as Classy answered with a three run home run on a shot down the right field line. Pajamas dug deep in the third and summoned up some nice bunts and baserunning to help tie the score at 3. The scoring continued in the fourth as Classy took the lead again with a two run double down the left field line to take a 5-3 lead. Again the PJ’s responded with a single run to cut the deficit to 5-4, but this would be the last run of the night before Classy shut the door and put the Cat’s Pajamas to bed. Classy, however, wasn’t finished with the scoring and added two more runs in the fifth. Pitching and defense helped wrap things up for Classy in the sixth with an amazing diving catch in the outfield for the final out of the game. In Standings Battle Week #1, Keeping It Classy Since 2015 faces off against Whistle Kicks, while Cat’s Pajamas looks for a victory against Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers.

Bar Report

While some people stayed at the field to watch the end of the Warriors game, others headed to McNally’s to catch the finish. Once the Warriors had clinched game 3 in a crazy comeback, the party and celebrating got underway. In the back room, several teams joined in for multi-team flip cup. It was all friendly competition, and everybody was a winner, because everybody was drinking! Meanwhile, in the front room, teams took turns on the juke box, and dancing ensued. There was no king of the hill this week, but for a chance to take the KOTH crown, come to the bar next week!


Welcome to Week 7 boys and girls, the last week of the standard regular schedule. To this point you’ve played every team in the league except for one… so guess who your opponent tonight is? Actually, who remembers all the teams they have played at this point, check the schedule at the bottom of this post for field and time info as always. We’re throwing a pajama party tonight, so bring your onesies and pretend that you haven’t been wearing them all day already.

So if we’ve played everyone, whom (!) do we play next week? Glad you asked. Next week will be a Challenge Week, where the matchups will be determined by league standings. #1 will play #2, #3 will play #4, and so forth. We tried this for the first time last season and had tremendous results, with close and fun games, so we’re bringing it back! Specific matchups and times will be determined after tonight’s games.

SAFETY FIRST: We had a car broken into last week at the field. Please remember to NEVER leave ANYTHING visible in your cars, lock everything in your trunk or bring it with you to the field. Covering a bag with a jacket or something doesn’t always work in Oakland. This applies to the area around the bar too. Please be careful and keep your eyes open.

As promised, the Who/What/Where for tonight. I’ll let you figure out the Why for yourself:

Game Date/Time Field Team 1 Team 2 Score
4/23/2015 7:00:00 PM F1 THE GREEN GRENADES Whistle Kicks TBD
4/23/2015 7:00:00 PM F2 ja rules angel’s Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers TBD
4/23/2015 8:00:00 PM F1 We Got The Runs The Beer Bandits TBD
4/23/2015 8:00:00 PM F2 Keeping it Classy since 2015 Cats Pajamas TBD


Reminder: end of season tourney is 5/16, plan ahead! Balls!


Golden State Kickball Week 6 got underway at Mosswood Park in Oakland Thursday night and teams are battling for position.  With this being the second to last week before the daunting standings battle weeks, teams are ready to lock in and focus on their playoff seedings.

Cat’s Pajamas Ride Solid D to Victory

The scoreline may have read 7-1, but don’t let that fool you. This was a close game all the way through. In the bottom of the 3rd, after a solo home run, We Got the Runs had the bases loaded, but couldn’t get the clutch hit they needed. Again in the bottom of the 4th, WGR had the bases loaded. A sizzling hit looked like it would score some runs, but a fantastic, leaping, finger-tip catch by the CP third baseman kept the runs off the board. Next week We Got the Runs look to regroup against The Beer Bandits, while Cat’s Pajamas try to keep the momentum going against Keeping it Classy.

Hot Carl steamrolls Classy

The first 3 innings of this game had 3 separate score changes until Hot Carl broke the game open in the bottom of the 3rd.  Almost Classy struck first with 2 sophisticated singles followed by a sacrifice fly.  Bottom of the 2nd had Hot Karl kicking 2 double steamers to score 2 runs.  Classy struck back with a plethora of singles in the 3rd to take a 3-2 lead.  That’s when hot Carl applied the pressure with single after single combined with some un-classy fielding errors taking the lead of 7-3.  Classy wouldn’t back down and scored 3 more in the 4th making it 7-6.  Hot Carl took the game over afterward having another offensive explosion.  Final score 15-6 Hot Carl. Next week Hot Carl attempts to take down Ja Rule’s Angels while Almost Classy looks to claw into the Cats Pajamas.

Grenades Stay Unbeaten after Early Scare From Beer Bandits

After a 3 game win streak, the Green Grenades were looking to keep that rolling to solidify their place at the top of the standings.  The 6th rated Beer Bandits knew they had a big task at hand and came out firing with timely base running and hitting to take a 2-0 lead in the top of the first. The Grenades responded with a run of their own in the bottom of the 1st, but the Bandits were smelling upset.  With the Grenades locking down defensively, they capitalized on a bases loaded double to go up 4-2 in the third.  The Grenades shut down any upset aspirations for the Bandits with a 2-run homer in the 4th.  Final score. Green Grenades 6, Beer Bandits 3.

Whistle Kicks Put A Scare Into The Angels

Being the only team to not get a W so far, the rookie team of Whistle Kicks played an inspired game on Thursday night. After being tied 0-0 through the an inning and a half, Ja Rule’s Angels managed to get a run on the board with a couple of savvy bunts and a line drive to right field. Whistle Kicks then put their hard earn kickball education to use and in the 3rd, managed to plate 3 runs to take a 3 -1 lead. After after another scoreless top – bottom – top, Ja Rules Angels got serious, spread their wings and scored 4 runs to take the lead heading into the 6th inning. Whistle Kicks showed resilience by scoring one run but with two people on base the Ja Rule defense was on time (as the normally are) and they got to live it up another week with a final score of 5 – 4.

Bar Report

After the mid-season party this past weekend, McNally’s was slightly quieter than normal on Thursday night. However, there were still plenty of kickballers to keep the fun rolling through the night. There was no King of the Hill or team-vs.-team flip cup, but that didn’t stop people from engaging in friendly competition. Members of Green Grenades, Beer Bandits, Hot Carl, and We’ve Got the Runs faced off in mixed-team flip cup. Meanwhile, in the front room, the jukebox was pumping and kickballers were dancing.


Ladies and gentlemen (and the rest of you), the season is winding down and the league standings are as clear as your vision at 2am when leaving McNally’s. Five of the eight teams in the league are sitting at 2 wins, so there will be a lot of movement up and down in the next few weeks. That’s movement up and down in the STANDINGS, you people have such dirty minds, shame on you…

Looking ahead, the end of season tournament will be on 5/16 at Mosswood. Every team qualifies for the all day tournament. The first game will be at noon; the finals should be over by 6p. If you are new to this, most teams BBQ or picnic. Captains, if you know your team can’t make it to the tournament, please let us know as soon as possible.

LOST AND FOUND: Missing something left at the kickball field this season? Other than your sanity and certain portions of your dignity? Come find Mike S. at the field (Ja Rule’s Angels/light blue team) and find out if it’s taking up space in his trunk. Items currently looking for a home:

  • Black zippered hoodie
  • Brown Ray Bans
  • Black North Face jacket
  • Orange knit beanie
  • 2 green Brita water bottles (not sure of contents, scared to check)

Last but not least, our nightly dance card:

Game Date/Time Field Team 1 Team 2 Score
4/16/2015 7:00:00 PM F1 Whistle Kicks ja rules angel’s TBD
4/16/2015 7:00:00 PM F2 Cats Pajamas We Got The Runs TBD
4/16/2015 8:00:00 PM F1 Keeping it Classy since 2015 Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers TBD
4/16/2015 8:00:00 PM F2 THE GREEN GRENADES The Beer Bandits TBD


Balls! (That’s it, just Balls!)

In preparation for the mid-season party which was to be held Saturday, teams enjoyed kicking the red rubber ball all over the field.  The theme this week was wearing your favorite baseball teams colors and we would like to announce that no A’s or Giants fans fought on this evening.  However, we cannot tell you if they beat up on any Yankees or Red Sox fans.

Ja Rule Locks up Bandits

In the top of the first Rule came out kicking and plated 4 quick runs on nice bunts and place kicks coming close to a quick five run mercy rule. Beer bandits got 1 back in the second and continued their comeback with two runs in the third off of heads up baserunning and well placed line drives to the outfield. In the top of the fourth and again in the top of the fifth Ja Rule plated 2 runs stretching their lead to 8-3 with bunting and kicking. A smaller team allowed the Angels to turn their lineup over more quickly which proved to be the difference on this night. The first five kickers for Rule were responsible for much of the offense, bunting and place kicking their way to victory. Pitching and defense for Rule helped keep the Bandits scoreless for the remainder of the contest. Beer Bandit will look to rebound next week against the Green Grenades while Ja Rule looks to keep their winning streak alive as the face off against Whistle Kicks.

Dreamers Steamroll Whistle Kicks

This one was a lopsided affair from the beginning as a Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers romped to a 14-0 victory over newcomers Whistle Kicks. Hot Carl plated 5 runs in the first, 2 in the second, another 5 in the third, and their last 2 in the fifth. By the time the third inning rolled around this game was pretty much in the books with Hot Carl scaling back their offense and pitching. Whistle Kicks managed a glimmer of hope in the third sending runners to first and third, only to have the inning end with nice pitching and defense by the Dreamers. The Dreamers look primed for a run at this year’s title having not lost since week 1 and claiming their third victory of the season against 1 tie. Whistle Kicks will look to capture their first win of the season next week against Ja Rule’s Angels while Hot Carl tries to keep their chances alive for the number 1 seed as they take on Keeping it Classy.

Grenades Explodes in Win over Cat’s Pajama’s

The Green Grenades faced Cat’s Pajamas in a battle between the top two seeds.  Dominant pitching kept the game scoreless in the first inning, but that wouldn’t last long.  GG exploded for 4 runs in the 2nd, and 3 runs in the 3rd to open up the game.  CP was able to claw back 2 runs in the bottom of the 3rd and 1 run in the 4th.  Pitching and defense kept either team from scoring in the 5th.  The Grenades were able to plate 2 more runs in the top of the 6th. Cat’s Pajamas would need to score 6 runs to tie the game or 7 to win.  Some nicely placed bunts got the leadoff kicker on base and over to 2nd.  In the end CP were only able to get 1 run across the plate, losing 9-4 to the Green Grenades. Next week GG faces the Beer Bandits while Cat’s Pajamas look to regroup against We Got the Runs.

Runs Drops Classy Down the Toilet

We Got the Runs struck first with a leadoff bunt followed by 2 well placed singles.  When the inning was over, WGTR had dropped three runs on the board.  Almost Classy threatened in the bottom of the first leading off with 2 singles.  A double lasered to right field scored the first classy run.  We Got the Runs attacked again in the 3rd inning scoring 4 runs off well placed singles.  A towering triple over the left fielder cleared the bases. Almost Classy was able to squeeze out another run in the bottom of the 3rd.  A close play at the plate ended the inning making the score 7-2.  We got the Runs scored 2 more in the 5th with back to back doubles.  Almost Classy was able to put people on base every inning making them a silent threat.  Classy will heat things up against Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers next week.  We Got the Runs will try to scratch that winning itch against the Cats Pajamas in the week 6 matchup.

Bar Report

After the games, everyone headed to McNally’s for even more fun.  At the flip cup table, the teams were mixed, but CP challenged GG and won flip cup 4-1 to stay undefeated in Team Flip Cup!  Trent of CP outlasted the field of King of the Hill players and took home the top prize.  After that, Slap Cup was played and Phoebe was the big loser (or winner) of the day.



While GSK is in mideason form, baseball is just waking up to a new season, so this is the perfect time to designate this week’s league theme as BASEBALL. Wear your favorite team’s gear, and maybe we’ll have a brawl between all the A’s and Giants fans after the games. Please no bats on the field.

With the kickball season half over (sniff, sniff), that provides us with another excuse to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Well, to get together and enjoy a few adult beverages and live music, with other kickballers around. Same difference, right? This season’s Midseason Party is this Saturday, and we’re turning it into an Indoor Pool Party. So if you can wear it to the pool, feel free to wear it at Legionnaire Saloon. After you’re done partying with GSK people, you can move downstairs and join in on #FUTURESHOCK, the only music video night in Oakland.

Midseason Indoor Pool Party
April 11th 8pm – 12am
Legionnaire Saloon
2722 Telegraph Avenue, OAK

What are we missing? Let’s see… Oh yeah, that whole KICKBALL thing. Here’s tonight’s action:

Game Date/Time Field Team 1 Team 2 Score
4/9/2015 7:00:00 PM F1 ja rules angel’s The Beer Bandits TBD
4/9/2015 7:00:00 PM F2 Keeping it Classy since 2015 We Got The Runs TBD
4/9/2015 8:00:00 PM F1 Whistle Kicks Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers TBD
4/9/2015 8:00:00 PM F2 THE GREEN GRENADES Cats Pajamas TBD


So grab that baseball gear, kick some balls tonight, and get ready to head to the beach this weekend. Sunscreen will be optional…



The zombie kickballers were out in full force at Mosswood Park in Oakland Thursday night with Week 4 getting underway.  With the scores so close and every team now in midseason form, a play or two decides each and every game.  This week was no different.

Keeping it Classy Since 2015 and the Green Grenades both looked to keep their momentum going into Week 4.  This epic defensive battle saw very few scoring opportunities.  With the game still scoreless, KIC was able to get runners on the corners in the top of the fourth with one out.  Classy was  unable to score because a pair of great catches in short left field by Grenades.  In the bottom half of the fourth, GG was able to mount their own attack.  With the bases loaded and two outs, Grenades launched a booming kick to deep right center.  Unfortunately, it too was caught, leaving the scoreless.  In the bottom of the fifth, GG relied on small ball, bunting the lead-off kicker on safely.  Another successful bunt lead to runners at first and second with no outs.  The next kicker was able to advance the lead runner and a sacrifice fly later, Green Grenades broke the scoreless tie.  Keeping in Classy was unable to build an attack in the final inning, leaving the Green Grenades victorious, 1-0.  Next week Keeping it Classy looks to regroup against We got the Runs, and the Green Grenades will attempt to remain unbeaten against Cat’s Pajamas.

After a heartbreaker against Ja Rule’s Angels in Week 3, Cat’s Pajamas was looking to put last week behind them.  Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers was looking for their third win in a row after knocking off The Beer Bandits in Week 3.  In the top of the first, Cat’s Pajamas tried to jump out to an early lead.  With a runner on third base and one out, the kicker kicked a ball to left field.  Unfortunately, the runner was caught off guard and was doubled off third base.  This momentum propelled Hot Carl to score a run in the bottom of the first on some excellent place kicking.  In the top of the second, Cat’s Pajamas tied the score at 1 with some small ball of their own.  For the next 3 innings the defenses took over, squashing all of the threats.  In the top of the 6th, Cat’s Pajamas squeaked out two runs and was looking to close out the victory, but Hot Carl would have none of it.  A lead-off triple got things started and an infield single put the tying run at first base.  After a sacrifice fly cut the deficit to 3-2, back to back singles tied the game at three with just one out.  An infield single then loaded the bases and Hot Carl just needed a deep fly ball to complete the comeback victory.  However, Cat’s Pajamas locked down defensively getting a force out at home plate and then a force out at second base to end the game in a 3-3 draw.  In Week 5, Cat’s Pajamas will look to take down The Green Grenades, while, Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers looks for a win against Whistle Kicks.

The Beer Bandits faced off against a hungry Whistle Kicks team that was looking for their first win of the season.  In a crazy first inning, 8 runs were scored with The Beer Bandits having 5 of them.  After that the teams settled down defensively and The Beer Bandits took a 7-4 lead going into the the top of the 6th.  Whistle Kicks slowly started fighting back with runners on second and third with two outs.  A pair of singles cut the deficit to 7-6 and the tying and go ahead runners were on board for Whistle Kicks.  The next kicker grounded a hard shot, but the defense made a great play to seal the win for the Beer Bandits.  In Week 5, The Beer Bandits will look go for a win against Ja Rule’s Angels, while Whistle Kicks looks for their first victory of the season against Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers.

Ja Rule’s Angles came out to “murda” the competition after an impressive win last week vs. Cats Pajamas.  However, We Got the Runs was game struck first with lead-off walk, followed by a single and a sacrifice fly to take a 1-0 lead.  Ja Rule struck back in the bottom of the 2nd, with a 2 run blast that nearly entered the playground in left field.  JRA struck again in the 3rd with a leadoff double and a laser single making the score 3-1.  We Got the Runs wouldn’t be flushed down the pipe that easily.  In the top of the 6th, WGR lead-off with a bunt followed by an impressive double making the score 3-2.  With 2 outs and the game on the line, WGR managed to bloop a single over the shortstop scoring the tying run.  JRA threatened to score in bottom of the 6th, but was unable to get the job done with back to back fly outs.  Next week Ja Rule’s Angels attempt rise above the ferocious Beer Bandits, while We Got the Runs look to drop a big one on Keeping it Classy Since 2015.

McNally’s was hopping as usual this week with kickballers doing their thing with flip cup and lots of beverages consumed.  Following a closely contested battle on the Mosswood turf, Keeping It Classy Since 2015 and The Green Grenades met on the field of flip cup honor.  While the kickball had been competitive, the flip cup was not.  The Green Grenades took 3 straight wins while Keeping It Classy struggled to find the winning combination of drinking and flipping.


You know that face that looks back at you form the mirror on a Friday morning after a late night of GSK? Well, with this week’s league theme you can look like that ahead of time! Yes, zombies have once again invaded the Oakland kickball scene. Grab those ripped jeans and that halloween makeup and look your best… well, maybe your worst. Brains are optional at the field, as always.

We’re nearing the midway point of the season, the new players are starting to pick up the game, and the veteran players are losing some of that rust that built up over the offseason. Our livers were already in mideason form, but that was expected. With Oakland Parks and Rec keeping the lights on a little later than usual, we are taking advantage of that to squeeze in a little more kickball for your buck, and allowing games to run a little long to get the full 6 innings in. You’re welcome.

Where and when will our undead gladiators clash tonight? I’m glad you asked:

Game Date/Time Field Team 1 Team 2 Score
4/2/2015 7:00:00 PM F1 Cats Pajamas Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers TBD
4/2/2015 7:00:00 PM F2 Keeping it Classy since 2015 THE GREEN GRENADES TBD
4/2/2015 8:00:00 PM F1 The Beer Bandits Whistle Kicks TBD
4/2/2015 8:00:00 PM F2 ja rules angel’s We Got The Runs TBD


If you’re not already pregaming, you need to catch up. Time to kick some balls!


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