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Golden State Kickballers descended on Mosswood Park Thursday Night to begin Week 3 of the season.  The theme this week was College Teams in honor of the March Madness NCAA Tournament.  The coaches got the little leaguers off the field quite quickly, so the games started somehwhat on time.

After last week’s heartbreaking loss, We Got the Runs looked to turn their luck around against The Green Grenades who looked to remain unbeaten. Both teams brought out their ace pitchers, with neither team scoring in the first two frames. In the top of the third, GG was able to push a runner into scoring position.  A kick to the outfield was able to bring them home for the game’s first run. WGR looked to level the score in the bottom of the frame, but was unable to get the clutch kick they needed.  Green Grenades was able to plate two more in the fourth to pull ahead 3-0.  We Got The Runs was able to get runners on base, but once again GG’s defense kept them off the scoreboard.  After a sacrifice fly in the top of the fifth inning, WGR found themselves down 4-0.  We Got the Runs regrouped and was able to get the lead-off kicker on base.  A productive out advanced the runner, and the next kicker was able to get them home.  The late rally was cut short as the Grenades defense was tightened up and refused to let another kicker on base.  In the final inning GG was able to rally and picked up three insurance runs. WGR was unable to respond and a 1-2-3 inning ended the game 7-1.  Next week, We Got the Runs looks to rebound with a victory against Ja Rules Angel’s, while The Green Grenades look to stay unbeaten against Keeping it Classy.

Whistle Kicks was looking for their first win of the season facing a Keeping It Classy since 2015 team coming off a loss in Week 2.  In the first, Keeping It Classy plated two quick runs, while Whistle Kicks struggled with their offense.  Whistle Kicks were held scoreless through 3 innings before put 1 on the board in the fourth.  The game remained close for much of the evening until KIC broke the game open with a 4 run fifth.  Classy once again showed off their outstanding pitching and defense, which will help them as the season progresses.  Whistle Kicks improved on defense throughout the game, but their offense struggled once again.  In Week 4, Keeping it Classy since 2015 looks for a win against The Green Grenades, while Whistle Kicks looks for their first win of the season against The Beer Bandits.

A classic defensive battle broke out between Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers and The Beer Bandits.  With both teams coming off wins last week, both teams were amped.  The teams were scoreless through the 2nd with many three up three down innings.  In the top of the third, Hot Carl opened the scoring with a run on some excellent place kicking and small ball.  Beer Bandits tied the game in the bottom of the 4th on a deep fly ball to left field in which the speedy runner used her speed to score from second base.  Both teams were held scoreless in the 5th and 6th innings leading to a 1-1 score, but there was time left, so both Captains agreed to play a 7th inning.  The 7th inning benefited Hot Carl as their kicker blasted a 2 run homer to deep centerfield.  The Beer Bandits went down in order in the bottom of the 7th and Hot Carl escaped a 3-1 thrilling victory.  In Week 4, Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers looks to keep up the defensive intensity against Cat’s Pajamas, while The Beer Bandits looks for a bounce back win against Whistle Kicks.

The battle between Cat’s Pajamas and Ja Rule’s Angels was a heart stopping game that should not have been missed by any kickball fan.  Angels came out kicking and plated 3 runs in the bottom half of the first inning.   The score remained at 3-0 with some nice pitching and defense by the Angels.  The Pajamas began clawing their way back into the game with a run in the third and then took a 4-3 lead with some great place kicking in the fourth.  Ja Rule’s Angels responded with a 5 run bottom of the fourth inning on bunts and line drives assisted by some sloppy defense by Pajamas.  Cats Pajamas wouldn’t be held back and scored once again in the fifth to cut the deficit to 8-5.  In the top of the sixth CP plated one and had the stage set for an epic comeback.  With the tying run at third and the go ahead run at first with one out, the kicker blasted a hard, high line drive down the first base line.  Out of nowhere, the first baseman jumped up and made a brilliant finger-tip catch.  He then threw the ball down to nail the runner at first before he could get back to the base and Ja Rule’s Angels hung onto the 8-7 win.  In Week 4, Ja Rule’s Angels looks to keep up the winning momentum with a game against We Got the Runs, while Cat’s Pajamas looks to bounce back with a win against Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers.

The competition then traveled to McNally’s where We Got the Runs wanted to seek some revenge on the pounding they took from The Green Grenades on the field.  A flip cup battle in a best of 7 series was conjured for bar bragging rights.  The Runs put their best flippers and looked like they were going to sweep the series with a 3-0 lead.  However, the Grenades made a solid comeback winning the next game.  Game 5 was a heart stopper as both anchors had the final cup when We Got the Runs put the nail in the coffin. We Got the Runs: 4, Green Grenades: 1.  After the epic battle concluded, multiple players from different teams combined to compete against each other in flip cup.   No one team came out victorious, but they all came out with a good time.


March Madness is in full effect, and GSK is calling on all its players to show their true (school) colors! Granted, your alma matter is probably sitting at home watching the games on tv just like you are, and your brackets are in tatters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your old school some love. Besides, it gives you the chance to talk smack to people who went to that other rival school that shall not be named. We all hate them, right?

Want to hear your school fight song played at the field tonight? Or any other song for that matter? Send a tweet with your request to @kickball_gsk in the following format:

Please play [song name] by [song artist} for [your team name] #GSKplay

It’s generally considered bad form to drunkenly scream your song requests across the field to the DJ. Try the twitter thing, you’ll get better results.

Who and where tonight? Glad you asked:

Game Date/Time Field Team 1 Team 2 Score
3/26/2015 7:00:00 PM F1 Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers The Beer Bandits TBD
3/26/2015 7:00:00 PM F2 Cats Pajamas ja rules angel’s TBD
3/26/2015 8:00:00 PM F1 We Got The Runs THE GREEN GRENADES TBD
3/26/2015 8:00:00 PM F2 Keeping it Classy since 2015 Whistle Kicks TBD


So start your pregaming now, send in some song requests (we already have 30 from Green Grenades), and let’s play some kickball!


Have you met your best friends at kickball already?  Are you counting down the days on Friday until the next Thursday?  Are you already preparing what you’re going to wear for the theme next week?

Buzzfeed compiled a list of 10 Ways To Know You’re Obsessed with Adult Kickball which you can view HERE.

We are pretty definitely sure you will will nod your head yes to at least half this list.  C’mon, don’t be shy now…


Golden State Kickball Week 2 got underway on a gorgeous night at Mosswood Park in Oakland Thursday Night.  While the little league coaches delayed the start of kickball games once again, no one seemed to mind as that meant more pre-partying on the sidelines and warming up the throwing arms.  Four teams were trying to stay undefeated, while the other four were looking for their first wins of the season.

The early game on Field 2 saw Keeping It Classy since 2015 trying to stay undefeated and The Beer Bandits looking for their first win of the season.  In a low scoring tight game, Bandits quickly jumped out to a 1-0 lead on some excellent place kicking.  Classy struggled to get their offense going as Bandits tacked on three more in the third.  Classy had a prime opportunity in the third when they Loaded the bases, but they were unable to score.  Classy scored a run in fifth inning to cut the deficit to 4-2, but The Beer Bandits defense held firm and sealed the 4-2 win. In Week 3, The Beer Bandits look to continue the winning momentum when they face Hot Carl and The Cleveland Dreamers, while Keeping it Classy since 2015 looks to bounce back with a victory against Whistle Kicks.

The late game on Field 2 saw the Green Grenades looking to stay undefeated against Ja Rules Angel’s team who lost last week against Keeping It Classy Since 2015. JRA got on the board in the top of the first with a couple of infield singles and a long ball which led to three runs. Sharp pitching and stellar defense by JRA kept GG from responding in the bottom of the first. However, Green Grenades clawed back into the game with 2 runs in the 2nd and another in the 3rd, tying the game at 3.  Ja Rules Angels retook the lead in the top of the 4th after a booming triple to right field and then a sacrifice fly. Both teams made defensive adjustments and prevented any scoring in the fifth inning. In the top of the 6th, JRA looked poised to add an insurance run, but GG was able to escape without any damage. In the bottom of the 6th with the game on the line, GG got their lead-off runner on base. A base-hit and some aggressive base-running tied the game. With a runner on 3rd base and only one out, Green Grenades seemed poised for a walk-off victory. The next kicker blasted the ball into left field. The Angel’s sharp defense made a great catch, surprising the baserunner who was unable to get back to third in time. The runner was doubled off 3rd to end the game in a tightly contested 4-4 tie. In Week 3, Ja Rules Angels faces Cat’s Pajamas, while unbeaten Green Grenades is pitted against We Got the Runs.

After a tough loss last week against The Green Grenades, Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers were looking to bounce back with a win against We Got The Runs, who spurted out 23 runs in a Week 1 win against Whistle Kicks.   Would we see another blowout or more late game heroics?  In the top of the 2nd, Hot Carl got on the board with 2 runs due to timely bunts and base hits. We Got the Runs countered with some small ball of their own, but only getting 1 run in.  The 3rd inning was much of the same offense for Hot Carl, but this time finding the long ball allowing them to score 4 runs.  With the Runs odds looking bleak, they bounced back in the 4th with 4 runs of their own cutting the deficit to one.  Then in the bottom of the 5th, We got the Runs got the prayer they answered.  A 2 run homer to win the….. wait one second!  The kicker kicked way ahead of the plate and the home run was called back.  Tough break for the Runs and for the rest of the game as Hot Carl hung on for the 6-5 win.  In Week 3, Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers looks to extend their win streak to two when they face The Beer Bandits, while We Got The Runs looks to bounce back with a win against The Green Grenades.

With three undefeated teams now with either a loss or a tie, Cat’s Pajamas was the last team to remain undefeated.  In Cat’s Pajamas way stood, Whistle Kicks, which had issues defensively in Week 1, but still managed to put up 11 runs on the board in a loss to We Got the Runs.  Cat’s Pajamas quickly jumped out to a 3-0 lead using the long ball.  In the third, Whistle Kicks responded with three of their own to tie the game going into the fourth.  Cat’s Pajamas showed their veteran prowess and tacked on four more runs using the long ball once again.  Whistle Kicks struggled offensively the rest of the way and were unable to score.  In Week 3, Cats Pajamas looks to remain the only undefeated team when they play Ja rules Angels, while Whistle Kicks looks for their first win of the season against Keeping It Classy Since 2015.

Another lively night at McNallys where Flip Cup and King of the Hill dominated the evening.  After a couple team showdowns of flip cup, 20+ kickballers played in a last person standing King Of The Hill Flip Cup competition.  The final went down to Trent of Cats Pajamas and Jason of The Beer Bandits.  After a grueling best 3 out of 5 series, Trent walked away victorious.  The ballers then celebrated with even more team flip cup where everyone was a winner.

patty cat

Welcome to Week 2 of Golden State Kickball. Hopefully your hangover from that ill-advised green beer binge on St Patty’s Day has subsided… because we’re bringing it back! The league theme of the week is indeed Saint Patrick’s Day, so wear some green, bring some tinted beer, and pretend you can tolerate Notre Dame for an evening. But please, refrain from the pinching. At least until much later in the night.

All the Captains should be keeping their teams informed of their schedules, but in case they are slacking already 2 weeks into the season (or if that green beer headache is still messing with your head and you can’t even remember your name), here’s a reminder:

Game Date/Time Field Team 1 Team 2 Score
3/19/2015 7:00:00 PM F1 Whistle Kicks Cats Pajamas TBD
3/19/2015 7:00:00 PM F2 Keeping it Classy since 2015 The Beer Bandits TBD
3/19/2015 8:00:00 PM F1 We Got The Runs Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers TBD
3/19/2015 8:00:00 PM F2 THE GREEN GRENADES ja rules angel’s TBD


Thanks to everyone for working around the little league players last week, that should go more smoothly this time around. At least we know the lights will stay on a little later, at least for now. Now about those sprinklers that kicked on…

Since your brackets are already busted (admit it, you know they are), head out to Mosswood early and plan on staying at McNally’s late tonight. The bar turnout was pretty good last week, but we know that Week 2 is when things really start to pick up. Bring yourflip cup skills and show everyone what you really did in college.

It’s Kickball Day people. Time to make it happen.


On Thursday Night, Golden State Kickball kicked off Season Two Spring style with 8 teams vying for the Swenson Cup.  After a quick rules introduction and little league coaches not getting their teams off the field on time, the games started a little later than planned, but kickball is BACK in OAKLAND!

When We Got the Runs faced off with Whistle Kicks, both teams remembered to bring their offenses.  The defenses… well, they we in preseason form.  WGTR started quickly, scoring 13 runs in the first 3 innings. The Whistlers started slower as they got used to the game, but rallied to cut the lead to 13-7 with an inspired comeback.  However, Runs posted 2 more max innings to coast to a 23-11 victory.  In Week 2, We Got The Runs hopes to keep up their offensive display against Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers, while Whistle Kicks looks to bounce back with a win against Cat’s Pajamas.

The battle between Ja Rules Angel’s and Keeping it Classy since 2015 was an instant GSK Classic on Field 1.  Rule flew an early 2-0 lead on a triple and tacked on another in the first with a sac fly.  Classy came roaring back with a run in the third and a pair in the fourth to tie the game.  Classy scored three more in the fifth assisted by sloppy defense by Ja Rule.  Rule got one back on a home run in the bottom of the fifth but couldn’t complete the comeback.  In Week 2, Keeping it Classy since 2015 looks to keep up the momentum when they face off against The Beer Bandits, while Ja Rule’s Angels looks to get the devil off their back with a win against The Green Grenades.

Another thriller on Field 1 was the hotly contested battle between Green Grenades and Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers.  The top of the second saw Green Grenades take an early lead, 2-0, with a two run single.  Hot Carl answered Green Grenades’ with two of its own in the bottom half.  Hot Carl scored five runs highlighted by on a two-run home run, three singles, and a pair triples. In the top of the fourth, GG were able to again tie the game, plating 3 more runs. HC had no response and were held off the boards. In the final inning, GG was able to scrape out a run. HC were able to get on base, but couldn’t advance the runner. A flyball to left field sealed the victory for the Green Grenades, 8-7.  In Week 2, Green Grenades looks to use the momentum of the comeback win when they face Ja Rules Angel’s, while Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers look to storm back with a victory against We Got The Runs.

In Week 2, We Got The Runs hopes to keep up their offensive display against Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers, while Whistle Kicks looks to bounce back with a win against Cat’s Pajamas.In Week 2, We Got The Runs hopes to keep up their offensive display against Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers, while Whistle Kicks looks to bounce back with a win against Cat’s Pajamas.

Two veteran teams came out to play on the first game of the season.  The Beer Bandits learned early that the Cat’s Pajamas are nothing to scratch at.  In the bottom of the first, the CPJs put a couple men on base and drove them in with a couple of long balls getting the score to 3-0.  It seemed like it was going to be Pajama time all over the field as they scored an additional 3 runs in the second to make it 6-0.  The Bandits were not going to go away quietly by finally putting up 1 in the third and 3 in the fourth.  Cats Pajamas saw enough of the Bandits and put up an insurance run in the fifth then closing out the game with 3 straight outs.  Cats Pajamas 7, The Beer Bandits 4.  Cat’s Pajamas looks to pounce on Whistle Kicks in Week 2, while The Beer Bandits look to get a win against Keeping It Classy since 2015.  In Week 2, We Got The Runs hopes to keep up their offensive display against Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers, while Whistle Kicks looks to bounce back with a win against Cat’s Pajamas.

Afterwards, the crew headed to McNally’s on a late start, but the bar was still hopping.  Cats Pajamas and The Beer Bandits were the only ones to actually do head-to-head flip cup and Cats Pajamas took home the win. Lots of dancing and drinking and fun ensued afterwards.

Stay tuned for next week to see what happens in the next edition…





It’s Opening Day of Season 2 of Golden State Kickball, the sequel that will be as awesome (or better) than the original. Welcome back to our returning veterans, and welcome to anyone who is joining us for the first time.

Everyone should have been contacted by their Team Captain now, and hopefully that means you know where and when you play tonight. Tonight’s schedule is:

Game Date/Time Field Team 1 Team 2 Score Referee
3/12/2015 7:00:00 PM F1 Keeping it Classy since 2015 ja rules angel’s TBD Koch & Phoebe
3/12/2015 7:00:00 PM F2 Cats Pajamas The Beer Bandits TBD Roger & Veteran
3/12/2015 8:00:00 PM F1 THE GREEN GRENADES Hot Carl and the Cleveland Dreamers TBD Koch & Naomi
3/12/2015 8:00:00 PM F2 We Got The Runs Whistle Kicks TBD Reed & Trent


The schedule (and much much more) is also available on the GSK website, so drop by frequently. Yes, frequently, we have a fetish about pageviews… In fact, make it your homepage. Come by here for news, pictures, commentary, information, and occasional sarcasm and entertainment. This being the first day, we’ll be content with highlighting some important points.


  • There will be a league orientation starting at 6:30. All players are welcome, not just new ones. Meet your team, get shirts, learn a little about the game, and get to know the GSK staff, the lunatics who run the asylum.
  • DO NOT leave valuables visible in your vehicles, there have been some thefts in the Mosswood area in the past. Put them in the trunk or take them with you and there should be no problems.
  • Drinking is technically not allowed at the field, but we’re fine if we are discrete about it. Coozies, solo cups, and water bottles work well. Also, captains make sure your teams are cleaning up after themselves and not leaving bottles and cans strewn all over the place. That draws attention.
  • HAVE FUN. We’re a bunch of adults drinking and playing a kids’ game.



  • Each team captain will get a ticket for team shots, get everyone together and go to the bar at any point in the night, the bartenders know what to do. While the shots are free, it’s still appropriate to tip.
  • There will be flip cup in the back room, including a team flip cup competition all season long. Matchups will usually be the same teams that matched up on the field that night, and season standings will be kept.
  • Outside food is welcome in McNally’s, but
  • NO OUTSIDE BEER IN THE BAR! I know it’s tempting, you’ve got all these leftover beers from the field and you need flip cup beer, but don’t do it. This is a liability and regulatory issue for the bar. They have been great to us, allowing us to trash their back room once a week for years, the league wants (needs) to keep this relationship going smoothly.

Any questions?  Bring them to the field, we’ll at least pretend to have some answers. So warm up your kicking legs and your livers, see you at Mosswood tonight!


On Saturday, kickballers descended upon Mosswood Park for Golden State Kickball’s second pick up game of 2015.  With the sun shining, numerous kickballers came out to play and enjoy the games.  The demand was so high, two games were needed!

Facebook photos from the event are now uploaded!

There is still time to sign up for the Spring Season which starts this Thursday!  Registration is still OPEN!

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