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It’s Thursday night and you’re itching to get your weekend started. You have had a long week at work and want to party.  All of that built up energy from the week cannot wait another day even though you gotta work tomorrow.  You call your best friend, but they are busy with the spouse and kids.  What can you do?  There can’t be another option on Thursday right?

Oh yes there is!  By joining Golden State Kickball, you can getaway playing the game we all loved throughout elementary school.  Are you a young professional who wants to expand your local network? Are you new to the area and just want to meet new people? Are you a family oriented person who wants to just take a break from life? Are you working for a company who wants to improve upon their team building abilities?  

Not only can you play kickball, but you can party with the league afterwards at the sponsor bar!

Starting March 12th, Thursday becomes an post work party.  Play some kickball with dozens of your best friends, then throw back a shot or a beer at the bar, while expanding your local network.

Sign ups are NOW OPEN!  Don’t wait and reserve your spot today!

Can’t wait until March?  I know we can’t.  So just because we make the rules around here, we decided to hold a preseason party!  That’s right!  Join us February 21st at 8pm and Grand Oaks Restaurant and Sports Lounge for a Blacklight party you will sure to remember.  3701 Grand Avenue in Oakland.  It’s going down with the fine folks at GSK.

kickball pickup header

On Saturday February 7th, Golden State Kickball held a Free Pick-Up Game at Mosswood Park in Oakland, California in preparation for the Spring 2015 season beginning March 12th.  Registration is now open!  The weather did not deter kickballers from coming out and having a great time.

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