Monthly Archives: August 2014


As the clock ticks on, we come closer and closer to the first game of the season on September 10th. Lots of you have expressed excitement at the idea of a league run by people you have shared the field with. People you have shared a beer (or six) with. People you have suffered through hangovers with. You asked for it, you got it.

We have taken the big leap and put it all on the line for all of you.

Teams are forming now! Old wily veterans return and new blood abounds. Will there be a team that dominates the field or will it be a fight to the last?

Teams include:

  • Jon Snows: Part Deaux – These defenders of the wall would love to leave the rest of the competition in the cold.
  • Almost Cla$$y: All Dat A$$ – These high energy kids are out to shake what their mothers gave them and twerk it out for a bunch of wins,
  • Pen 16 Club – Formerly Pen 15 Club but apparently they came up about an inch short of running the table on the competition last year but their lust for victory eXtendz into the newest league.
  • Money Balls – Two seasons ago, they told us to “wait until they got their money right”. Well looks like somebody has robbed a 7/11 cause these jokers are back with a vengance.

New teams are being built and can always use good drinkers players so don’t be afraid to sign up, by yourself 0r with friends, this is guaranteed to change your Thursday mornings for ever.

Wait a second, true believers… Just because you dominate on the field, that doesn’t mean you dominate it all. This year, we introduce The Bar League, where drinking games will be competed in for the coveted Oscar Rivera Trophy. Start warming up those flipping fingers. it’s gonna get serious.


This is the beginning of a new age, in Oakland. After many years of toiling away in silence and relative obscurity, we are ready to break out. We have spent a long time in the cocoon and we are ready to emerge as a bright, cup-flipping, whiskey shooting, base path abusing butterfly. With the help of many people and a few gerbils, we present to you, Golden State Kickball!

This league is the culmination of decades of experience and at least 10 minutes of heart-stopping activity and sweat. While there may have been a few before us, there will be none after us.

Welcome to GSK.

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