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trina and trent

Week 4 saw all for teams attempt to separate themselves from the pack. There were varying degrees of success, to say the least.

Jon Snows vs. Penis 16 Club
The grizzly veterans of Jon Snows versus the gritty kids of Penis 16 is always a fun battle to watch. For those that don’t know, this is a rivalry that has taken a few different forms with no less that 5 team iterations but it’s always a thriller. Fierce battles have been won and lost by wide margins and this game was no different.  The first couple innings were like a back and forth tennis match.  Penis would score a couple runs but then the Crows would score a couple runs.  But at the top of the 5th  inning ,  Penis 16 stormed the field with a Kick Fiesta! (© GSK 2014), scoring the inning maximum 5 runs.  Jon Snow attempted to mount a comeback but were unable to score. The Orange Mob then doubled down with another 5 runs to basically close out the game. 15 hits and 10 runs in the final two innings basically decided the game with a final score of 14-6.  Snows look to get revenge in week 6 as winter is coming….

Sacrificed Balls vs. Almost Cla$$y
This was an exciting back-and-forth affair that saw a few lead changes while Sacrificed Balls were looking to rebound from a tough loss and Almost Cla$$y were trying to extend their winning ways. In the first inning, AC was able to plate a run on a few well placed bunts and a key line drive to Right Field. Sacrificed balls then turned on the jets and managed to score two runs in the top of the 2nd inning. After a few tough defensive stands, the score stood 4-3 in favor of Almost Cla$$y in the top of the 4th inning.  After plating another run, the self-proclaimed “Cla$$iest muthaf*ckas out here”, held a commanding 5-3 and were ready to twerk off into the sunset. The Sacs had other ideas. In the top of the 6th, SB made a run for it, scoring 1 run but were unable to score the tying run after a closely contested call for out 3 on 1st base. Insults were hurled at the ref but cooler heads prevailed with a final score of 5-4 in favor of the Twerkinators.

At Legionnaire Saloon, the fun continued well into the evening as two-thirds of the #FUTURESHOCK dj crew entertained while the cups were flipped. Stay tuned for next week’s show.

Quincy Bottle

Week 3 was action-packed as veteran teams started to shake of the rust and new teams started getting into the flow of the game. The threat of rain was unable to dampen neither the competitive spirits of the Golden State faithful, nor the consumption of spirits at Legionnaire.  Let’s get to the game recaps:

Almost Cla$$y vs Pen 16 Club

Almost Classy v. Pen 16 was a tight and well fought battle the entire game. Cla$$y opened the scoring in the third by scoring the first run with well timed bunts and a couple of nicely placed line drives. Pen came back immediately and tied the score 1-1 in the bottom of the inning.

In the top of the sixth, Almost Cla$$y managed to plate another run and went ahead 2-1. In the bottom of the sixth inning P1C was not to be denied and plated the 2 winning runs taking advantage of some great defensive efforts by AC, that just didn’t work out. Final Score: 3-2 in favor of Pen 16.

Jon Snows vs Sacrifice Balls

The Jon Snows showed up ready to play after a disappointing loss and Sacrifice Balls came into this game on a high after winning a 19 point barn burner last week.

Much like last week’s game the runs came aplenty as The Crows scored  4 runs in the top of the first inning before SB’s defense could get warmed fully warmed up. The JS crew widened the gap with a league max 5 runs in the 2nd inning but SB was unwilling to let the pretty boys get too comfortable by plating 2 runs of their own in the bottom of the 2nd,  making the score 9-2. After that, both defenses settled in and spectacular plays were made including a swinging strikeout pitched by Stretch (JS) in the bottom of the 3rd and running catch by Rice (SB) in the top of the 4th.  The Snows plated one more run via small ball and a line drive before SB shut down the surge.

If you thought the action was over, you were wrong. Out of nowhere, the pitcher for Jon Snows kicked a 2-run homer the stretch the lead a bit further. But not to be outdone, Joe of Sacrified, after taking a big swing and a miss, blasted one to deep right-center for a 3-run homer.

As the runs rained in, so did the rain of the non-run type and the game was called at the top of the 6th inning with the Jon Snows ahead, 12-5. The two teams agreed to play out the last inning next week so you will all just have to wait till then to see what happens.

After The Game
Legionnaire Saloon was cranking like always and the flip cup table saw plenty of business once the players all figured out to head upstairs to the loft. With the local DJ downstairs rocking the Can I Kick It mid-week party, GSK members were able to rock the dance floor and keep the good vibes coming deep into the night.

Hunger Games
Don’t forget that the good folks over at Spirit Sliders will be outside Legionnaire after every game, providing delicious food (with healthy options) so that you don’t even have to wonder where to get some good grub from. Please take advantage. You won’t be sorry.

Working It Out
Putting on this flip cup pounds? Not in the same tournament shape you used to be? If you are interested in personalized physical training program, feel free to contact about it.  We are working on a potential partnership with Emeryville’s own A-Team Athletics. If you are interested in an early morning session or evening class, please let us know as we are trying to negotiate a reduced rate.


“california knows how to party”


Welcome to Week 3, guys. As we all start settling into the season, we want you to be take note that the number one goal of this league, is for you and your people to have fun. Feel free to bring people with you, even if they are not interested in playing. We’re all about having a good time. In order to assist you with this high reaching goal, we will be providing themes for all of you to participate in. Get together with your team and see how create/embarrassing you can be.

This week’s theme:

Let your imagination run wild. Feel free to dress in any manner you like. When anybody looks at you, I want them to immediately think… “California”. Here’s a few costume suggestions.

Almost Cla$$y vs. Pen 16 Club
North Field – Referee: Koch

AC is riding high off of their first win and ready to make it rain runs as they twerk their way into the playoff picture. It may be a little early to celebrate as PC is prepared to explode all over their opponents. This one might get messy. Remember… It ain’t trickin’ if you got it.

Sacrificed Balls vs. Jon Snows
South Field – Referee: Trent

After a trip to the Vidal Sasson Salon to freshen up their locks (and wounded pride), JS will be back, defending the wall as they try to shake off their first loss. But I guarantee you that the Sacs will be swinging hard all night as they try to move on to 2-0.

on the wheels

The Grand Master DJ Halo will be back on the decks this week, as he returns to the GSK team for more of the beats you’ve been asking for.

after the game

Make sure that you head over to Legionnaire Saloon after the game. They are an official sponsor of our league and easily. the coolest bar in Oakland. As usual, there will be music and mayhem (flip cup) held upstairs in the Loft with our own dedicated bartender. Downstairs, Halo and I be holding down the music (for Can I Kick It?) so if you ain’t upstairs drinkin’, you better be downstairs drinkin’ and dancin’.

Legionnaire Saloon
2272 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612

what’s on the menu

We know you all work up a real appetite running around that field so we’ll be having the good folks at Spirit Sliders right outside of Legionnaire Saloon, cooking up some delicious viddles (sp?) for you t0 enjoy.

Check in with the Chef Yoni when you get there. The food will be guaranteed delicious and the price is nice.

the golden rules

There are a few minor rule changes that not everyone seems to be familiar with. Please keep these in mind as you kick, catch and throw your way to glory.

  • Unlike other kickball leagues, 3 fouls is an out.
  • The strike zone is the width of the two bases at home plate and 1 foot tall.
  • You can kick the ball with any part of your leg. A ball off of your hip, thigh, knee, shin, ankle, or foot are all legal kicks.
  • In an attempt to speed up the game, there is a 5 run mercy rule. You can only score up to 5 runs in an inning; after the fifth run scores the inning ends, even if there are less than three outs. This does not apply to the final inning.
  • A full game is 6 innings.

Week 2 was the official jump-off for the first season of GSK and spirits (and BACs) were high. The League shirts made their debut and everybody seemed pretty excited about them. Some veterans know about waiting 4 weeks to get shirts so having them on week 1 is pretty awesome. DJ Aebl Dee held down the musical duties and gave us a variety of reggae, house, hip-hop and soul that kept everybody’s energy up. Let’s get to the game recaps:

Jon Snows vs Almost Cla$$y

In the first meeting between these two powerhouse teams pitching, reigned in what was a relatively low scoring affair. Somewhat ironically, the first run was plated on a throwing error on JS’s pitcher, giving AC a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the first.

After a 1-2-3 top of the second, the play-of-the-game ended a great scoring opportunity for the home team. With two out and Cla$$y runners at 1st and 3rd, a booming kick sailed into left field. Morgan, using her 6th or possibly 7th sense, knew the center fielder was charging across behind her. Being the consummate teammate she is, Morgan chest passed the ball behind herself to Andre, who made a great catch to close out the frame.

This must have motivated the Snows as the bastards were able to plate two runs, taking the lead. However, the scoreline would not hold as AC came back in the bottom of the inning with a string of singles. Three outs later Cla$$y was back on top for good, 5-2.

Pen 16 Club vs Sacrifice Balls
Wednesday night’s game between Pen 16 Club and Sacrificed Balls turned into quite the offensive (as in runs scored; no foul words or plays were exchanged) match.

Pen 16 came out looking to draw first blood with aggressive base running by their leadoff kicker, turning an infield single into an inside the park home run. Sacrificed Balls responded in the bottom of the first, scoring 4 times with 4 singles and a 2-run triple. Neither team was able to score in the second, and Pen 16 tried to close the gap in the top of the 3rd, but was only able to muster a single run with some impressive defensive plays by Sacrificed Balls.

In the 4th, both teams struck for the maximum five runs, taking us to the 5th with a 9-7 lead for Sacrificed Balls. In the top of the 6th, two doubles from Pen 16 created a tie game. An impressive double play by Sacrificed Balls’ defense ended the threat from Pen 16 and took us to the bottom of the 6th, with the momentum in Sacrificed Balls’ favor, and they weren’t done showing off their offensive prowess yet. With runners on first and second and no outs, Tony of Sacrificed Balls had the game winning kick to deep center field. While only the one run scored to end the game, it would be safe to assume Tony would have had a home run given the defensive “no double” set up that Pen 16 had employed. SB wins 10-9.

After The Game
Lots of kickballers headed on over to Legionnaire Saloon where flip cup was played and drinks were enjoyed. Marc Stretch was on the wheels of steel and had the dance floor going wild, as usual. Spirit Sliders were on hand to provide delicious Turkey Sausage sandwiches (with a veggie option also available) for all of the party people. Attendance is on the rise, so we suggest that you plan on getting there right after the games. You don’t want to miss any of the mayhem.

The Golden Rules
Some of the rules in GSK differ from other adult kickball leagues. We have taken into consideration feedback from long time players and have tried to build in some systems that will allow for more quality playing time for everyone.  It has come to our attention that some players may not be aware of these differences so this section will be dedicated to rules of the game.

The Five Run Max
A maximum of five (5) runs may be scored by one team in any half inning, save the 6th inning. If you are losing by more than 5 runs, you may score until either (a) you have exceeded your opponent’s score by more than 4 runs or (b) your team wins the game.

Hitting Below The Belt
Though the strike zone is the width of the two home plate bases and one foot high, any contact with the ball made by the kicker that strikes below the waist, shall be considered a kick and treated accordingly.

the bandit

and we’re still here

Watch ol’ Bandit Run

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are back like we forgot our keys and Week 2 is ready to kick off. The preseason games were great we loved seeing all your sweet faces. Balls were thrown. Balls were kicked. Bases were touched and libations were enjoyed. This week, there will be more of the same plus some more goodies for you to enjoy.

Remember, all games are at 8pm. Show up early, listen to some music and limber up all the necessary muscles.

I just want to say that I am proud of all of you for coming together to make this league a reality. There were naysayers and doubters but GSK is alive and well. We’re gonna do what they said can’t be done. Let’s put the hammer down, Snowman.

Bandit out!

Jon Snows vs. Almost Cla$$y
Northeast Field

This is gonna go down hard, one way or the other. AC is a veteran team with more than enough skills to pay the bills, especially in 1’s. The Snows are doing their best to hold the wall while knowing nothing. It’s way more difficult than you think. Let’s see what happens when the eyeliner really hits the fan.

Pen 16 Club vs. Sacrificed Balls
Southwest Field

You better tighten up your cups for this one. Chances are, somebody is gonna get it where it counts. Pen 16 is going harder and trying to one up their previous season, but SB is out to make sure that they will the ones delivering the surprise to the good little kiddies with a big victory.

on the wheels

DJ Halo will be out of town tonight but we’ll be treating your ears, hips and backbone to the sounds of Oakland’s own DJ Aebl Dee. Guaranteed to put some mo in your mojo.

after the game

Make sure that you head over to Legionnaire Saloon after the game where there will be music and mayhem (flip cup) held upstairs in the Loft. Downstairs, I’ll be holding down the music so if you ain’t upstairs drinkin’, you better be downstairs drinkin’ and dancin’.

Legionnaire Saloon
2272 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612

what’s on the menu

We know you all work up a real appetite running around that field so we’ll be having the good folks at Spirit Sliders right outside of Legionnaire Saloon, cooking up some delicious viddles (sp?) for you two enjoy.

Tonight’s Menu

Turkey Sausage Sliders and chips
Veggie Sausage Sliders and chips

Check in with the Chef Yoni when you get there. The food will be guaranteed delicious and the price is nice.

Kick It off


and then there was kickball

Let there be party!

And so it begins. The inaugural season of Golden State Kickball is officially on the horizon. To be honest, registrations have gone super smoothly and exceeded some people’s expectations (not mine. I know how crazy you all are for that round rubber ball) and it’s awesome to see how the numbers keep rising. You guys have stuck with us through a last-minute field change and a few other bumps and bruises through it all and we really appreciate it. As a league, we realize that you could spend your Wednesday nights doing a lot of other things but you’ve chosen to hang out with us. Smart move.

Let’s get into it.

El Presidente de Kickbül

week 1

7:30 – 8:00 pm: Warmup and rules clinic
8:00 – 9:00 pm: Official games played
9:00 – 9:30 pm: Clean up and make our way to Legionnaire Saloon

battle of the pretty boys
jon snow part deaux vs. pen 16 club
field: grass
referee: roger
time: 8pm

The hardened men in black are out to reclaim fame and honor that was lost during an upset loss in another tournament while Pen 16 are hard pressed to stick it to the Snows and get on top early. Conclusion: We will see if the Pen 16 is truly mightier than the sword.

more bounce for an ounce
almost cla$$y 2 – more A$$ vs. sacrificed balls
field: dirt
referee: spad
time: 8pm

Almost Cla$$y has been talking loud and now it’s time to back that thang up but Sac Balls is looking to smack more a$$ than a little bit. Conclusion: Somebody is gonna be walking funny tomorrow. 

don’t forget… we are at Bushrod Park now

Some of you vets may have played at Mosswood for a long time and maybe one day we’ll retrun to that glorious hypodermic minefield but for now…. we play at Bushrod Park. We’ll be on the small side with the lights. 

The bathrooms are in the building between the soccer field and the basketball courts. They should be open for our use. 



the party continues at Legionnaire

After the games are over, we will be moving to our home bar, Legionnaire Saloon. Please proceed into the bar and head upstairs for flip cup and other games. There is live Irish music downstairs until 10:30 when Marc Stretch will man the turntables for the rest of the evening. 

There will be a food vendor out front making wings, sliders and other good stuff so bring your appetite.

Legionnaire Saloon
2272 Telegraph Avenue (@23rd Street), Oakland


change is good

You Wanted Lights? You Got Lights!

We have some very important news to pass on to all of you. Due to malfunctions of a thefty nature, the timers that control the lights on the field side of the park were not in operation towards the end of last month. Oakland Parks and Recreation has taken on the task of repairing the lights at Mosswood Park which is to be commended (who thought that they would even respond. Can I see some hands?) and appreciated. The unfortunate part of this development is that in order to make these repairs, OPR will need to close Mosswood to night time activities, until some time in 2015. We know that this comes as a shock to you as I am sure you were all looking forward to the shenanigans that only Mosswood can bring. Oakland Parks and Rec gave us this news yesterday and we were just as shocked as you are now.

OPR has helped us out and provided us with an alternative park to play at. Bushrod Park, just north of Mosswood, will now be to location for all of our games. We apologize for the sudden location change and if any of you have any issues playing at this location, please contact us at

On a positive note, Bushrod Park is large enough that we can now play ALL our games at 8pm, which gives everyone more time to get there after work. Additionally, our staff will ref all the games, so none of you will have to worry about referee duties, unless you would like to participate in them.

We will still be partying at Legionnaire Saloon after our games. They are providing us with top rate drink specials and your traditional team shot. No more weird, we-couldn’t-sell-it-so-we’re-giving-it-to-you-guys shots. That, along with the evening’s entertainment, are worth sticking around for. We are working on a GSK party shuttle from the fields (a short walk from Ashby BART) to Legionnaire Saloon (which is 4 blocks from 19th Street BART station) if any of you need rides to the bar from the field.

We’ll keep you posted.

Our first game is under a week away! Schedules will be finalized on Tuesday and will be distributed to everyone before the games. Show up at Bushrod on Wednesday at 8pm and let’s get this party started!


As the clock ticks on, we come closer and closer to the first game of the season on September 10th. Lots of you have expressed excitement at the idea of a league run by people you have shared the field with. People you have shared a beer (or six) with. People you have suffered through hangovers with. You asked for it, you got it.

We have taken the big leap and put it all on the line for all of you.

Teams are forming now! Old wily veterans return and new blood abounds. Will there be a team that dominates the field or will it be a fight to the last?

Teams include:

  • Jon Snows: Part Deaux – These defenders of the wall would love to leave the rest of the competition in the cold.
  • Almost Cla$$y: All Dat A$$ – These high energy kids are out to shake what their mothers gave them and twerk it out for a bunch of wins,
  • Pen 16 Club – Formerly Pen 15 Club but apparently they came up about an inch short of running the table on the competition last year but their lust for victory eXtendz into the newest league.
  • Money Balls – Two seasons ago, they told us to “wait until they got their money right”. Well looks like somebody has robbed a 7/11 cause these jokers are back with a vengance.

New teams are being built and can always use good drinkers players so don’t be afraid to sign up, by yourself 0r with friends, this is guaranteed to change your Thursday mornings for ever.

Wait a second, true believers… Just because you dominate on the field, that doesn’t mean you dominate it all. This year, we introduce The Bar League, where drinking games will be competed in for the coveted Oscar Rivera Trophy. Start warming up those flipping fingers. it’s gonna get serious.


This is the beginning of a new age, in Oakland. After many years of toiling away in silence and relative obscurity, we are ready to break out. We have spent a long time in the cocoon and we are ready to emerge as a bright, cup-flipping, whiskey shooting, base path abusing butterfly. With the help of many people and a few gerbils, we present to you, Golden State Kickball!

This league is the culmination of decades of experience and at least 10 minutes of heart-stopping activity and sweat. While there may have been a few before us, there will be none after us.

Welcome to GSK.

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